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(For a review of the parties and chart during the 2013 Election See here)

Israel, today we vote… since we give a vote to a people at war with us and bent on our destruction (and in turn are called an apartheid state), the left has about a 22% advantage due the Arab vote.

For the “right” to win in Israel, it does not need a majority of Jews to vote for it, it needs an overwhelming majority in order to overcome the near quarter population block that votes along with the Jewish left for the destruction of Israel…

With Hamas on one border, ISIS nearing the gates on the other, instability all around, Jihadists (with western support) overturning stable and moderate Arab regimes, a US President openly disdainful of the single Jewish state in the world, and Muslim demographic overrunning much of the world making more and more countries unsafe for non muslims… any Israeli who votes left… deserves the fate that he is voting for.

Please Remember, there is no choice between war and peace. There is a choice between dignity, justice and strength, and surrender, weakness and appeasement.

There is a wide range of parties, enough to fit any personal flavor and ideology… but it is unacceptable for any Jew to vote for either:

  • The “zionist camp” (what a great euphemism!)
  • Meretz
  • Yesh Atid
  • The Arab parties or joint list

It would be unfortunate, but less tragic for anyone to vote:

  • Shas

The rest of the parties are acceptable, some more than others of course…

But voting

are all perfectly acceptable choices, as is United Torah for the more Haredi among you.

Unfortunately, Otzma le-Israel has been taking over by Eli Yshai, and so would not no longer be my number one choice, but it is still a respectable choice.

One way or the other, I will enjoy seeing the hapless Lapid, lose his inexplicable large number of seats and slip back into the irrelevance he is more fitted for. Our russian friends, should go back to voting Lieberman once again and abandon the hollow lapid who fooled them last election.

For those voting meretz, or the anti-zionist zionist camp, (made up of rabid communists and appeasers), gd save you from what you are asking for.

There is obviously a wide range of economics, philosophies, strategies and ideologies among the acceptable parties… but they have in common a belief that Israel is the Jewish state and that we are not to lose it without a fight, nor we will go quietly into the night.

Be-Hatzlacha to all of us… The country’s leadership is on our hands, and we will bear the consequences of our actions, stand proud, stand tall, chose strength!!!



Note: For those of you more enthusiastic about chosing strength, please note that there is unfortunately hardly any difference on territorial matters from Meretz to Likud. All support a palestinian state and giving away of the tiny Israel to its enemies. It is  a difference of tone rather than substance. Israel in reality, lacks a “right wing”. The voter  is continuously disappointed in voting right, and obtaining the same result as voting left. We whine about our right to exist and defend ourselves while we attempt to do neither, but rather appease, negotiate with terrorists and give away our land to the enemy.

The only parties that have a different territorial strategy than giving away Israel are:

Naftali Bennet – The Jewish Home – At least to annex areas “C”

Avigdor Lieberman – Make massive population exchanges instead of just a “one way” giving away of our land (so rather than give away lands with Jews and keep lands with arabs, we can alter the borders to maximize the Jewish and Arab character of each state respectively)

Otzma – Again, though I am very unhappy that it is led by Eli Yshai this time around for reasons I cannot understand… it is the only party that denies giving away our land, and will fight against a palestinian state within the Jewish state.


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