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Throwing around opinions on politics, society, military matters, technology, and philosophizing sophisms is one thing, but in this category we comment on matters of real importance.

For one to help ensure that the heritage he was handed down from the generations before him, gets handed down intact once again, is among the most important tasks that can be imagined.

My commentary on Judaism is purely academic. I defer to the great Sages of our History whose wisdom is not only far greater than mine, but their dedication, righteousness and passion for Yiddishkeit is of a magnitude that I approach with great care.

Often times, my commentary will seem to question and even disagree with many of what our people’s leaders have said, especially more recently.

Another tradition our Sages have always taught us, is that ours is a faith is to be wrestled with, questioned, analyzed and thought about, and it would  not be worthy to refuse to apply the full power of whatever intellect we were endowed with, to better understand the world around us. If at most, my commentary can encourage some to ask challenging questions to our learned teachers, then it  is more than I can ask for.

The number one principal in Judaism, is that there is but one. As there is one Gd, there is one Judaism.  We must never allow ourselves to break apart into sects or worse, as often happens with religions. There is but one Judaism, and we can disagree and debate in trying to reach it, but must always keep in mind that we are one nation, one people, and one religion. Anyone whose efforts lead to the opposite is guilty of the worse of offences.

Those that would try to “modernize” or change Judaism commit the greatest of crimes, knowingly or unwittingly. Those that, inherently see a problem with it, either as false, outdated, not fit for modern life, in need of “reform” or any other such atrocity, would do better to start their own modern, reformed and true religions, and naming them something else rather than corrupting our own. Those who are in need of  environmentally safe, politically correct, culturally sensitive tofu prophets may go join them; but in this way no harm is caused (outside the loss of some members) to our ancient ways.

Though we all have our personal level of observance, from nill to the tzadiks among us, (and we could all do better) as long as our faults stay there we are on an acceptable path of Jews throughout the generations; but if we attempt to bring down our entire ancient nation, alive today by a stubbornness and sacrifice hard to fathom, along with us we have strayed onto territory even our worse enemies cannot hope reach.

Thus, let the Lighthouse keeper not be confused as holding court among these usually well intentioned tragic figures, the Lighthouse keeper gives deference to our teachers, and above all upholds the unity and oneness of Yiddishkeit. If ever he questions laws, precepts and traditions, it is not for want of reform, but out of fear that they themselves were already a reform of something purer, now long past.


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