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Just a few hours ago, the president broke the news; about 2 hours after he posted the following regarding Hope Hicks:

Firstly, we of course wish the President, the First Lady (and Hope Hicks) a speedy and full recovery. A dose of plasma (donor or synthetic at this point), and they will be fine, Gd willing. They would also of course likely be fine without treatment. And if there is an unlikely case of deterioration in the lower respiratory system, some RLF-100 (Avipdatdil) and/or steroids will do the trick. If as President, he can sidestep the various socialist laws which prevent ordinary citizens from using obviously safe and effective treatments, then he and the First Lady should be fine, even in the unlikely case that these were needed (though I’d recommend a dose of plasma right away just in case).

On the upside, thank Gd President Trump tested positive thus far and not frail Joe Biden. Firstly I am not sure the latter is quite up for it (and unlike many on the left I do not wish ill nor death on those I disagree with), and secondly the ensuing pity party would catapult him straight to the White House, dead or alive!

President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump test positive for  Covid-19 - CNNPolitics

So what are the consequences (other than the imminent market crash, which in a few hours on market open will not be kind to our portfolios)? Of course Mr. Trump will enjoy not quite that same pity party in the media that his opponent would… rather we will see celebration, hope of deterioration and even death, and recriminating attacks.

The left will obviously turn this diagnosis of the President of the United States, as cause for celebration. Using words like “Karma”, they will say Trump had it coming for downplaying the danger, not to mention his “irresponsible” rallies.

Trump, and the right should Aikido that back against the ill-wishing socialists. Trump can show that it ISN’T a big deal, and note that he tested positive a few days after the debate and not a rally (I wouldn’t put anything passed them). He can use the opportunity to teach perspective and show strength.

In any event, the point will be to remind Americans that believing, as any rational person would, that the pandemic does not warrant mass panic and the end of freedom in the Western World, is correct and has not been repudiated. Believing this rational position, does not mean that you believe that this crappy virus does not exist and that a person cannot get exposed to it and infected by it.

Conservatives don’t wear masks (at least in my case) not because they believe it is impossible to contract this or any other infection. On the contrary, they are showing their lack of fear of such! They don’t wear masks for the same reasons that we haven’t worn them for millennia (even for the hundreds of years that we know how infectious disease work). They don’t wear masks for the same reason that they drive cars, play sports, and fly in airplanes, because they don’t wish to lead their lives in fear and oppression, nor teach their children to do so. Because they believe that life is neither so sweet nor peace so dear, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery. Many would otherwise even wear a mask in certain situations around others as a courtesy or out of an abundance of caution, but don’t as a sign of protest and defiance of the oppressive regulations that try to impose them on us.

The left, on the other hand, believes in safety above all else including (or especially) honor and liberty (though not statistically, logically nor consistently of course… but rather like an uninformed old grandmother fussing about her grandkids), especially when it empowers them with more government power. As Ronald Reagan famously quoted an otherwise forgotten leftist and cowardly TV commentator who would “rather live on his knees than die on his feet”, such is leftist thinking,

Now all of this is very dramatic, it is true in the face of real adversity and mighty enemy armies such as the Western World has faced in the past. For example, at least the old leftist that Reagan quoted was afraid of a nuclear WWIII against the Soviet Union!). In this case, it is overkill. The amount of bravery needed to live a normal life in the presence of covid19 is the same amount of bravery that was needed to live it right before covid19. Even more to the point, the bravery required to believe in the RIGHT of others to lead normal lives, while YOU can live is as cautiously as you want (in a bubble or hazmat suit for example) is an insignificant and immeasurable amount of bravery.

But we digress, and have written on that at length elsewhere. Trump never said a person could not get the virus, on the contrary the widespread prevalence of the virus is proof of its lack of lethality. You can definitely get it, and you can definitely survive it in the overwhelming majority of cases. In fact, most often you do not even know that you had it.

Now, trump is older than your average citizen, and a bit heavy (though otherwise in excellent health), so he should take every precaution (like I said, just a shot of donor plasma will do the trick, stop the replication before any damage can even happen). In all likelihood Melania would shrug if not laugh the infection off, being healthy, fit, a woman and younger, and it will be interesting to see test results of the Trump children, they appeared together in the debate. But it is imperative for the election and future of America that Trump and the right aggressively and unashamedly correct the narrative. The right has (or at least I have) been screaming about how rampant this virus is or was compared to what the media and officials thought. It has always been much more ubiquitous, and much less dangerous than reported. It remains the case. I don’t know of conservatives who said you cannot get this virus, Trump certainly did not say that. We believe it does not warrant the end of freedom (the little that was left) nor does it give the right to governments to impose it. The fact that President Trump, his wife, or any other citizen can contract this hyped-up virus, does not prove otherwise.

The unavoidable quarantine will be quite hurtful for the campaign, in its critical last month. Rallies, meetings, debates. The whole scheduled battle plan affected if not devastated. This is the biggest danger. But the opportunity must be seized for the positive aspects that it allows. Brazil’s President Jair Bolzanoro, was able to do something similar and benefit politically within a month of his diagnosis . Trump, like most people who were infected, and like other world leaders who were infected, will be fine Gd willing, but unlike Boris Johnson who (unlike the older and more dignified Prince Charles) moped and whined about mightily, Trump should, Gd granting him the ability, be a figure if vigor and strength as he quickly recovers from this infection.

Update 10:00 AM EST

That was fast. Former Clinton spokeswoman and Obama staffer, Zara Rahim, before deleting and locking her account.

The left of course, on the one hand is hoping for disaster, the CNN headlines have been laughable and tragic, and on the other hand is scared of his speedy recovery and increased support. Therefore, they will also undoubtedly accuse Trump of faking the diagnosis in order to fake his recovery and credit it to his favorite therapeutics (HCQ, plasma). This might even lead them, to actually fake a Biden diagnosis, and blame it on Trump due to the meeting of staff and people during the debate. I think cooler heads will prevail in the leftist camp, but you never know.

And on further thought, Trump should bet hard on either of two courses. One would be simply to “man up” in a way unseen today. To say that the Commander-in-Chief of the United States of America does not quarantine and does not hunker down. Everyone knows that he is infected and no one is forced to go near him, but that he will go about his business. And Gd willing, he will live, and if not, he will die (a fact that in reality we all face each and every day), but that he will do either one like a man. That would be cool.

It also has zero chance of happening. The second more realistic option is, as I mentioned previously, to very early on (in fact immediately) take donor or synthetic plasma (basically monoclonal or polyclonal antibodies) and subsequently likely test negative for the virus within days. Then bounce back as good as new. Not only would he show strength and good judgement, but also show the stupidity of the bureaucracy which hinders our use of these, (even in the face of Presidential pressure) especially since it was him who announced EUA for plasma just some weeks ago, of course to the left’s criticism, laughing and jeering. I have previously written extensively and for many months that not a single person need actually die of this virus. Antibodies, if of the correct type and concentration, be them from horses, human donors, or synthetically made in labs, make short work of this virus. They cannot save you once your lungs are destroyed and they don’t turn back time if your 95 year old and dying of leukemia, but if your actual problem is only the covid-19 virus, you are good to go with these. This cure has existed from day one of the pandemic, and the fact that people across the world are not able to make use of it at all, or only in very limited circumstances, is a great example of the shortcomings of government from the cradle to the grave. In any event, this is Trump’s chance to highlight this fact.. I would suggest that he takes plasma or a similar antibody treatment immediately (as I suggested in my original post following his twitter announcement), and wait a couple or a few days before announcing anything further. If he has progressed well, or better yet, is now testing negative, the announcement should come, and do so to the great surprise of many, especially to those who have believed the leftist doomsday rhetoric, and the omniscience of health authority bureaucrats.

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