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The truth is very simple, though not often heard. It is not that they think the allegations are made up, or are Russian disinformation. They have as little evidence of the Russian disinformation charge, as they did that Trump was somehow a Russian agent. Namely none.

If they did, the mainstream media and left would be pushing that story instead of hiding from it. They level the charge only casually as they try to nonchalantly switch subjects.

In fact, ironically levelling this charge blatantly is what led to Tony Bobulinsky, Hunter Biden’s partner, to come out on record, and provide one of the most damning pieces of evidence against Hunter and Joe Biden. A patriotic, yet non-partisan American veteran and businessman was insulted at being called a traitor when he is anything but.

For you to watch, very compelling, AFTER you finish the article of course.

The evidence already available on the public record is overwhelming, the allegations are true, and they point to influence peddling at best, to treason at worse. They are certainly at the very least worthy of further investigation. Some, including Rudy Giuliani, the legendary prosecutor and 9-11 era very successful Mayor of New York City has been relentless in obtaining factual evidence of the Biden corruption and providing it to the America public for nearly a year now to no avail. Rather than launching purported journalists into investigation of the allegations, the mainstream media lobbed everything they had at the Mayor in order to intimidate him and silence him. Two things, Mr. Giuliani does not easily become.

(Note: if you are interested in seeing some of the evidence, many have done a great job in spelling it out).

So what is the simple reason then for the lack of coverage and caring? In one word, Ideology.

Well, to be fair this is true for a certain sector in the left, there are a few other significant camps and we will address them here. But for the leadership of the movement and the party, the answer is that simple, ideology. And I understand them because I am the same way.

The truth is that they are able to apply some basic logic to the situation. Just because Biden may have made some money, even millions for himself and his family by using (or abusing) his political positions over the years, does not make them right wing. They don’t suddenly believe in the free market, American exceptionalism, the constitution and individual liberty.

They don’t care if the allegations are true, and they are not going to look too deeply into them. Nor in fact look into them at all. The fact is that the situation in reverse, with some caveats I would not care either.

So for example, if I learned of similar allegations of a candidate I agreed with politically, I also may not care. It does not follow to theoretically say… well “Trump had some corrupt dealings.. so I want my nation to be socialist now”.

I would not want to punish my country with a radical leftist, socialist policy for 4 years because my preferred candidate made some shady money somewhere. Had I been aware of this earlier, perhaps I may have preferred a different more honest candidate with my ideology (hence primaries) but when that time has passed, it is no longer relevant.

In Israel terms, where this ideological difference is even more pronounced, I often hear absurdities such as the following from people opposed to Bibi (Benjamin Netanyahu):

You know, Bibi has been there too long, it is not good for political leaders to be in power for so long (and hence voting for the left).

Ok.. fair enough, this is not the most brilliant or coherent argument, but let’s go with it for a second… I respond with something like:

So you want to give half our country to our enemies because Bibi has “been there too long”?!

Bibi may or may not have been there too long, but how can believing so turn you into a communist that wants to give into terrorism and give our ancient homeland away to the enemy?

If you think Bibi has been there too long, but otherwise agree with his general positions, there was a Likud primary before the general election… there are other right wing parties to the right of the Likud… but no, the people whose main argument is that Netanyahu has led for too long go off and supported extreme leftists such as Gantz, Lapid and the marxist parties of Labor and Mertez.

On the other hand if you do believe Israel should be handed over to the Arab enemies that surround us, then who cares how long Netanyahu (who more or less opposes this) has been in power? You should have opposed him on his first day as much as now.

So certainly, we see in Israel we have many voters without strong ideologies (or are hiding them and being dishonest). But not everyone is like that. Some people have strong political ideologies while others don’t. For those of us that do, personality is less important in a national election. It is very important perhaps in a primary where we chose people from within a similar ideology, but it has no relevance when choosing people from opposing ideologies.

So the fact is

that leftists in the media don’t cover or care about the Biden corruption allegations, because they are leftists. They know what they believe in and they don’t care if Biden committed bribery, corruption or even treason.

But a lot of Americans do care if their potential President is a crook, corrupt, and potentially willing to commit treason for personal financial gain. And the leftists know this, so they do not want to give an opportunity for the less ideological among them, the swing voters, Independents and others across America, to consider it and make up their own minds. Therefore, they would rather bury it and dismiss it, hoping that their very dismissal of the allegations somehow convinces people who would care about them, that they could not possibly be true.

I would prefer that they be more honest, like this article is, and say that despite some millions on the side, they still prefer Biden to Trump, and let the American people make up their own minds, but that will not happen. The voters must seek out the truth themselves if they care enough to.

Now to the caveats…

Earlier it was stated that this is the answer for some on the left, Ideology. The truth is that in many cases the answer is something else, especially with such an ideological weak candidate such as Biden, but it works in a similar way. For many elitists on the left and in the establishment, Trump simply rubs them the wrong way.

Ideology aside, they are used to, and can tacitly accept, Republicans that know their place. Romneys, McCains. Ones that don’t punch back.. ones whose presidency will ultimately vary little from a Democratic one. This keeps up the appearance of multi-party competition, but keeps the elite in power. Trump does not play by their rules and it infuriates and scares them, therefore they too could not care less if Biden took money and from whom, as long as they can destroy the Trump that threatens them.

And of course we have others that burn with a more illogical and visceral anti-Trump hatred. These are the lefty loonies we see sometimes in riots and protests screaming incoherently and who were in complete denial of Trump’s 2016 victory. These people:

They are created by the monopoly the left has had in education for decades (something Ronald Reagan prophetically warned us about). This education system has now trained several generations (I went through it myself) in what is acceptable to say and what isn’t.

They are the creators and enforces of politically correct speech and thought. From Elementary school to PhD programs, they are the modern Inquisitors of thought, the thought police enforcers and makers of ever expanding safe spaces.

Trump definitely rubs these people the wrong way, to put it very mildly, and no allegation, true or false, about the Democratic candidate will make one iota of difference to them.

There are other factions and motivations, no need to name them all here. For example there are others such as the weakness worship camp, people who feel they are underdogs, “betas”, lesser in some ways, whether less successful less attractive or less popular, and have an instinctive tendency to correlate Trump with the winners that they have been jealous of their entire lives, and a belief that the regimes the leftist will put in place will empower them, the less, over the champs.

Needles to say, there are different but related motivations in the hateful anti Trump camp…but they are very powerful in segments of the population and no amount of criminal activity Biden committed would be enough to counter them.

Would I really not care?

The other caveat is my admission that I too would not care. For the purposes of showing how a strong ideological base affects a choice in a situation like this, and in the purpose of truth and honesty as we have in the Lighthouse, this was stated. But it is not true of course for all cases and very well may not be true with a case such as this if the shoe was in the other foot.

Donald J Trump became very wealthy and we all know how, as a private citizen, as a businessman. The question is why a public servant for 47 years is very rich?

And though the media can cheerlead the politician who makes and votes for the tax laws battering the private citizen, who has to and did follow them, about how much taxes he paid, journalists with more integrity would look into the riches of the life-long public servant.

But no problem, if the answer is that he used his fame, and position to position himself and his family into lucrative deals to become wealthy, that is certainly something I might like to know as a voter, but it is not necessarily criminal. And even if it was against certain regulations, again in my case ideology would often trump any desire to see those enforced.

Ukraine, in the best light can be seen as a severe case of the above. Even though $1 billion dollars of US aid for Ukraine was used as blackmail by Biden to get the prosecutor investigating the corrupt company his son was on the board of, starts to reek of bribery (two different times, on either end of bribery, giving and receiving) and abuse of the office, you could theoretically hold your nose and ignore it.. maybe. Hard to see but maybe.

Once you get to the money received from the dangerous mayor of Moscow to Biden, and the money received from the Chinese communist party while Biden was pointman in the Obama administration tasked with pushing China to back down from its expansionist South China Sea claims.. then you are talking different level. You are talking arguably treason.

Communist China is by many factors the biggest existential threat the US and the West in general faces today. America’s allies depend on it to halt China’s expansion around the world and specifically the Pacific. A failure to do that in exchange of money is treason. Not to mention how obviously compromised such a candidate would be to the Chinese with the material they have on him and his unfortunate drug addicted son. Ideology and policy support have their limits. Or if you prefer, you can say that your ideology includes not supporting traitors.

This may sound harsh, but an investigation, by a free and vigorous press not to mention law enforcement, would get to the bottom of it. We have the complete opposite. We have announcements instead that the FBI is investigating the fact that some pro Trump motorists peacefully escorted the Biden bus in Arizona (which was very funny). The double standard is massive.

So if you Would Care

So these people, for the various reasons explored here and others, may not care about very significant corruptions charges against Joe Biden and his family. They don’t think they are untrue, that public debate is fake1, they don’t care if they are true or not and that is a difference.

But it may make a difference to you as a voter, and if it does or even if it would, take a look at the evidence. If you are not so blinded by hate for Donald Trump nor enamored with a radical leftist ideology of Kamala Harris, and the non ideology of poll-chasing flip flopping Joe Biden, then perhaps this IS relevant to you.

You may not like some of the things Trump tweets but you may prefer them to briery, corruption, compromised leaders and perhaps even treason. Research and decide for yourself. The mainstream media will not show it to you, but there is enough freedom of expression left that it is available to those who want to seek it out.

If you are interested look at the evidence links near the beginning of the article.

Hunter Biden SMS to his daughter.

Hunter Biden deeply involved with Chairman Ye Jianming

The vanished Chairman Ye Jianming with communist China’s leader Xi Jinping.

The vanished Chairman Ye Jianming with communist China’s leader Xi Jinping.

Joe Biden with the all powerful communist Party Chairman and Chinese leader Xi Jinping

  1. To some extent, many scandals and corruptions allegation debates plaid out in the media are completely fake. They are debates between factions that do not care if the allegations are true or not, in order to influence (or fear of the allegation influencing) groups that may care about them if they were true. Democrats did not care if Trump was a Russian spy or not, nor did they think it was likely that he was. It was besides the point. They knew there might be people that would care.

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