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The Information Age has undoubtedly increased the amount of information to the average person, but certainly not its quality.

People are bombarded by an unending barrage of information, mostly trivial, mostly classless, mostly incorrect (the odds of saying something true are infinitely smaller than saying something correct), and mostly leading societies down a path to ignorant serfdom. Governments continually wield more power over every aspect of our lives, while they make decisions leading to the demise of their nations, peoples and cultures.

Of course, the blame is squarely on those same people being misinformed, misguided and belittled, since much of the type of information they consume is determined by their very own tastes.  This vicious loop of course is terrifying to behold, as the somewhat ignorant consume ignorance-inducing media which enables them to now, fully ignorant, demand ever lowlier forms of information and entertainment.

And so enters The LightHosue… a forum where anything can be discussed, as long as the noble attempt is truth (and I’m interested in the subject!).  An outlet among the few (though I recognize far from the only, but hopefully slowly but surely the best) where minds unable to wallow in mediocrity, dumb-downed news, MTV and more blogs about cholesterol and anti-oxidants may come to ponder, learn, think, think, think and teach. A place where the POTENTIAL nobility, will, ingenuity and sheer awesomeness of man is honored.  Where the vast awesomeness of nature and the universe are explored in wonder, rather than de-glorified down to eggshells we but can barely help from crushing.

At the Lighthouse, we do not cringe from the truth, but seek it out. We do not look for “acceptable”, comfortable or Politally Correct opinions, but rather arrive at opinions backed by the reality around us and toward our most noble principles.

At the Lighthouse, we also acknowledge that we are men, not “logical units” which have no feelings, passions, honor, gender, creed, race or  kin.

As the Lighthouse keeper, I establish the only rules that come before logic and evidence; for without them, there is to begin with no logical purpose to do, believe or attempt absolutely anything at all. Like my trusty dual Xeon PC, who can perform countless logical tasks per second, and only perform logical tasks without exeption… it has little purpose outside of performing my instructions, and in and of itslef, cares little if it or anything else in this universe exists at all.

The Lighthouse keeper is foremost a son to his parents, a brother to his brothers, a friend to his friends, a patriot, and tries his best to be a mensch.

Pseudo intellectuals, far more advanced than mere mortals, who cannot understand how one loves his own mother more than other mothers, that one is himself and not everyone or no one, and that likewise one may love his own country before others,  will undoubtedly not find no comfort here.

Feel free to delve in, contribute, share and ask… The Lighthouse marks the way.

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  1. Geoff says:

    “About the Lighthosue” // little bit of a typo there.

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