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Undoubtedly, the Lighthouse stands firm against the surge, willing only to either nobly mark the way, or break upon the mighty gales of time. The venturing ships, with the myriad of unique treasures they each carry look for it as a guide. However, it is also a beacon of light that shines forth dispelling the darkness. In the words of the badly missed Lubavitcher Rebbe (to a young Bibi),  “… in a place of darkness and lies, and if you will light one candle of truth, you will dispel the darkness.”

This is truly the task of the Lighthouse, for in the immense vastness, it dares to break the endless night, and dispel the darkness.


  • Against the Wind

    • Commentary on political themes from around the world. Unfortunately a reference to the countervailing currents of the time. Ehud Barak’s late 90’s mindlessly repeated slogan comes to mind. “The Right thinks it can stand against the current. The left thinks it can just sail down speedily. I of course know that they are both wrong, and we have to Navigate carefully down the river”. Did the the trick, and he won the election. Shocking. Always wondered what the goal was…if to get down the river, maybe the left was right and we should go quickly, if it was to resist the waters, then it is hard to understand how “navigating carefully down the river” would be helpful. The Lighthouse never coils from the surging surf!
    • Joab’s Men

      • A subsection of political commentary on (and from the perspective of) Israel. Joab of course was King David’s trusted General, who suffers injustice at the hand of his successor Solomon.
  • The Crumbling Ramparts

    • Dedicated to true stories of heroism, so honored in days past, and so aft forgotten now. The name is inspired by, as Rabinovich tells so well, the young men of Israel who in her darkest hour (The opening days of the Yom Kippur War) mounted her crumbling ramparts, and HELD. The Lighthouse keeper will always be honored to do his part in remembering such acts of gallantry.
  • The Whiskey Room

    • Needs little introduction, where amid the vapors of Bourbons, Scotches, and scents of Cuban Cigars, deep thoughts of History, philosophy, economics and man’s destiny are discussed along with some often much lighter matters!
  • The Jackal’s Den

  • Avissi

    • The day’s current events. Named of course as the famous Roman notices of important matters.
  • The Farbrengen

    • This is where we discuss what is truly important. Always read my Intro to this section before judging any article.


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