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As we go into this first major GOP debate for the 2016 US Presidential Election, of course the wildcard that everyone is interested in is Trump.

The GOP establishment is very worried about him, while at the same time much of the base is excited by him. Obviously he brings a freshness of direct talk that US politicians just don’t do anymore, but really is the essence of the controversial statements that he has said so far?

There has been endless reporting and mostly misreporting about the “scandalous” statements that Trump has continuously given since his campaign has officially begun.

Besides just speaking “directly and honestly”, unlike a politician, Trump touched a very raw nerve in the American people, in the GOP members specifically, and one that is taboo.

Romney won 60% of the White vote in the 2012 election, and yet he was soundly defeated. Not the white male vote, not the white Christian vote, but the overall white vote. Sixty percent of the white vote not too long ago in America, meant a landslide victory. Now, it is not normally possible to get 70, 80 or 90 percent of the white vote… there are always some lefties.

This has not gone unnoticed in the GOP, and so the accepted wisdom at the party’s elite became that a traditional WASP male Republican candidate simply cannot win the general election. And every year the demographics make it less likely. This is why two men, early on were shoved down the party’s throat. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz (though Mr. Cruz arguably has more of a Spaniard (European) heritage and was actually born in Canada). The idea being quite simple… with a “latino” or histpanic candidate who will get the latino vote, then a GOP candidate can win. It is based on two premises, that hispaic voters care more about voting for a fellow Hispanic than voting for the Democratic party (as they usually do), and the the traditional GOP and conservative voter will vote for whoever the GOP vote is because “what are they going to do… vote for Hillary?”.

Now, without meaning any detriment meant for Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz (Mr. Cruz, especially is a mean easy to admire and respect), it angered conservatives and GOP voters that they HAD to vote for a latino candidate simply because he was one. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz did not happen to be the the maverick tip of the spear of the GOP, and they simply happened to be hispanic and that is why they were positioned as top front-runners. That is what the Democrats do! and it’s not supposed to be what the Republicans do; sure they can welcome a female or minority candidate if it be the case, but not to propel someone to the presidency simply because of their gender or color of their skin. That is Democrat territory. It is also an abuse of the conservative base, in order to placate the left and/or racially motivated voters, and based on the fact conservatives have no alternative and will vote for the GOP candidate no matter what the rationale for his candidacy may be.

Donald Trump exploded, whether by foresight or chance remains to be seen, onto this scene and touched this raw never. When the GOP voters were being pushed the idea they must accept a minority candidate simply due to the fact of their being a minority, Trump turned that wisdom on its head and made a taboo issue one of the main issues of the campaign. There is a demographic invasion of the US underway, and rather than politically placate to that invasion, Trump offered resistance to it. So of course, it had some very enthusiastic supporters.

The immigration comments were followed by other “scandalous” comments. Let’s take a look at them in actuality to see what essence there was behind them.


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