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My last post reported a NY man, who uncharacteristically helped a woman being attacked and was stabbed in the process, was ignored for 30 hours by passing fellow Nyers until he slowly bled to death.

NY, way to suck, but Arizona, way to go. Arizona, fed up by the Federal Government’s willful failure to do its Constitutionally mandated task of defending its national borders, has taken upon itself to aid that same Federal Government in enforcing the existing laws of immigration. 

Usually, the news of the drug violence, kidnappings, murders and armed thugs spilling over the border from Mexico in ever increasing numbers (to the point the Mexican army has crossed into Arizona and Texas several times and been in standoffs with local law enforcement). However, due to the national coverage of the new bill, as it was being debated, an Arizona sheriff was shot by illegal drug running Mexicans with AK-47s 

This is routine violence among the border that never gets national coverage. But Arizonians sure know about it and are sick of it.

Meanwhile, the national coverage has been something of a hysteria where the battered left in constant fear that Americans may again want to protect America as opposed to destroy it, see a chance to energize people against the Republicans by their tired and tested tactic of fear mongering and and accusations of bigotry and racism.

“Minorities” they scream, “don’t believe the Republican message (which often coincides well with immigrant’s conservative values and the very free market that immigrants came to this country to enjoy), they are evil racists and will eventually throw you out! Your only choice is us, yes we are pandering socialist weaklings, but we will always hand over America to you or anyone else who wants it.”

It has looked something like this:

Arizona Law Causes Fury…

“Lawmakers, legal scholars, and immigration rights activists have all weighed-in on this controversial bill, mostly disapproving of it for violating protections against unreasonable searches and encouraging racial profiling.”

All of this could not be further from the truth.

Fury? Racism? Profiling? Constitutionality? IS everyone mad? Let’s break this down.

First of all, Arizona cannot make immigration policy and it is not doing so. The US decides who is an illegal alien and who isn’t (So if the Federal Govt wants to, it can declare everyone in the world a US Citizen and Arizona can’t ever deport anyone). Its also supposed to try to not let those who would be illegal inside the country, and once they are inside, kick them out though it does not do either very much.

Therefore, the Arizona bill allows local authorities to aid and cooperate with the Federal Government in this matter more effectively. Arizona cannot and will not deport anyone. When it catches illegal aliens, it will hand them over to Federal authorities for deportation. Laws of state and federal cooperation on immigration go back to 1986, a revision on 1996 and other related laws much older.

The bill will enforce laws already on the books. The problem is that right now only the Feds (Customs and immigration) enforce the immigration laws. And they are only found almost exclusively at the border where they apparently don’t do a good job. Once an illegal is inside the US, it is almost impossible that he will bump into all those Customs and immigrations cops running around our streets.This is why basically once your in, chances of deportation in this country are close to zero. 

They do however, constantly bump into your local law enforcement, city cops, Highway Patrol, Sheriff etc. Typically they do not inquire about immigration status or deal with it and hence nothing is ever done. However, it must be noted that sometimes they already do. State and Federal agencies already have many years, and many laws allowing them to cooperate, and in many cases where a criminal being held by state authorities is known to be an illegal alien, he is handed over to the Feds. This happens in EVERY state already. The problem is that there was no law requiring the state police to do so, and most cities have left-leaning policies to not cooperate with the feds on this (like San Francisco and other “sanctuary cities” which basically are declaring themselves outside US Federal law with no repercussion whatsoever). Ironically, Arizona, who is trying to help the Fed enforce existing Federal law is the one facing all sorts of repercussions and boycotts of dubious legality by other local governments.

So what is so wrong with enforcing the countries’ laws? What is so wrong about noting an illegal alien is exactly that, illegal? What is so wrong with a state protecting itself from criminal and demographic invasion? What is wrong with local authorities cooperating with Federal ones in protection of the nation which they are having a hard time doing alone? The coverage continuously calls it immigration, instead of illegal immigration. This bill has nothing to do with immigration policy, only with enforcement of law and order.

Civil rights they will tell you, racial profiling, and unreasonable search and seizure. All fallacies of the left.

The Arizona bill, took all of those important constitutional issues into account and on face value, prohibits them. IT specifically states racial profiling is not allowed. IT specifically states, immigration status cannot be checked without prior lawful contact based on another matter.

What does that mean? That its illegal under this law for a police officer to go up to some Mexicans (or Swedes for that matter) on the corner and ask them for their papers. First, they must be stopped for another unrelated reason under the existing laws of contact; for example driving down the road at 100 miles per hour, or lets say… shooting people or smuggling drugs. Then once they have been stopped for another crime, they still cannot ask for immigration status without reason. And again, being Mexican cannot be a reason.

So, the man was going 100 miles per hour is stopped, and he is Mexican, the officer does not ask him anything about his immigration as he has no legal reason to yet. He proceeds as he would with all of us (I shouldn’t say us, I forget I’m Mexican, haha) to write the speeding ticket. It starts by “License and Registration Please”. When the illegal alien who was driving at 100 mph now fails to produce a drivers license, registration or proof of insurance, then there is reasonable cause to inquire about his immigration status. He is found to be an illegal alien, guilty of endangering people on the road without a license or even insurance, and so he is either prosecuted for his crime if it is serious (like murder) or handed over to the Feds for deportation. End of story. In the alternative possibility where the Mexican is a legal resident, weather it be a Visa, green card or citizenship, he is given his speeding ticket, and can go on his merry way.

The law also states that if you show a valid driver’s license, you are automatically presumed to be a legal resident (right there ending virtually all fear of hassling US citizens, regardless of race).

Where exactly is the civil rights violation? the Racism? We are asked for ID constantly on our day to day lives, you can’t use your credit card without showing ID, you are asked by law enforcement for ID, you are asked for ID at the bank, in order to get a job.. etc etc. Just about the only place you are not asked for ID is the voting booth, because our good friends in the left wouldn’t want to stop all those illegals from voting for them or voting more than once.

That’s all very nice and good you say, but what if officers don’t follow the law and abuse their power? Well that is an issue irrelevant to this bill as it already exists regardless of this bill. Officers already exist, and laws of what they can and can’t do already exist. In fact, they ALREADY previous could hand over illegals to the feds, they just were not required to. The laws of lawful contact exist. Officers can and do break them, and if they do, they can be prosecuted. This law is no different than any other in that matter. For the most part, the America’s law enforcement agents work well within the law and constitutional rights of people, certainly compared to the rest of the world. You can expect officers, due to the notoriety of this law and all the trial lawyers ready to pounce, that they will be very careful in its application and err on the side of the alien.

Not to mention that in this case, an abuse of their power would be that an illegal alien who was not speeding gets deported. Federal law does not require him to be speeding to be deported, just to be illegal. It is this new Arizona law which goes further in protecting him and says he first has to be committing some other crime. In any event, US citizens will not be deported or endangered in any way. The opposite, they will be protected by the more secure border and drug violence that now kills them.

So what is so bad about being asked for your ID? We are asked for it already all the time. What really are they against? They are against illegal aliens being deported, plain and simple. Democrats do not care about constitutionality, Obama himself called the constitution an obstacle to the wealth distribution (socialism) he wishes to enact.

As for the result of the law so far, its far better than anyone expected. Thousands have already fled Arizona for California or other states more inviting to law breaking.

Illegals panning to leave Arizona…

The media still tries to portray this as somehow bad, either as people fleeing Justice or a hit to the “underground economy”. It would be lawbreakers otherwise known as criminals fleeing the law, and a hit to the underground economy is a great thing, and a boost to the above ground economy. Tax paying jobs and legal employment. Democrats usually hate all sorts of economy, its incredible to see them here defend even an underground one. I guess as long as it helps destroy your country, its ok.

The truth is opponents of this law do not believe there should be such a a thing as an illegal alien or even a border, it is they who are against the country’s very laws and constitution. IF so, they should say what they mean and lobby to change the federal laws on immigration, not attack Arizona for trying to uphold law and order which is critical for the survival of the country. Without laws being followed , weather they are good laws or bad laws (which can be changed at the ballot box) the US becomes a banana republic.

As for Mexico’s and Mexican’s outrage at all of this, it is arrogant and irrelevant. Shakira should stick to her singing, arabic or spanish. A foreign country cannot DEMAND its illegal aliens be allowed to break the law at will. Mexico does not allow illegal immigration from its southern border with Guatemala.

Though its cross-able due to the the corruption of the Mexican authorities, Guatemalans are often beaten, raped, held for weeks on month in custody and sometimes killed; not just deported. On paper, Mexico reserves the right for itself to defend its border and not allow undocumented foreigners in with strict laws. In practice, it goes far beyond it in violence and corruption. For Mexico to then demand that its illegal immigrants to the US (who do not get raped and killed by authorities, simply deported) be allowed to do as they wish is a height of arrogance.

Understandably it serves Mexico’s best interest to protect its southern border with Guatemala. It also servers its self interest to lobby for the US to continue to allow immigration from Mexico in mass numbers to the US as it serves a two-fold purpose:

1. A release of the economic and demographic pressure of the unemployed, the poor and the criminal to to outside the country. So rather than be a burden on the state, they actually become an asset as they transfer billions of dollars back to Mexico to their families from the US, while using US infrastructure and social services, not Mexico’s.

2. To continue to the demographic invasion of the US with citizens who maintain their loyalties to Mexico, in order to “liberate” the Southwest (Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California) back into eventual Mexican rule since it was lost to the US in war. Something Mexico never lets its children forget in history class taught over and over.

So, though its shameless for Mexico to demand such things, its certainly in its best interest. Perhaps, the US should start acting in its best interest as well, Arizona certainly has started to.

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