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…That there was no more “War on Terrorism”

He has been continuously saved (and not to mention as many lives have) by a very alert and patriotic post 9-11 citizenry from a real devastating terror attack.

A bomber on a plane being subdued by passengers in Christmas, Abdul Hakim Mujahid Muhammad’s murderous June Jihad in Little Rock, Major Nasan’s Islamic rampage of carnage in Ft Hood, and now a car bomb, Iraq or Pakistan style, in the heart of NY city.

So far, the administration and its allied mass of media elites have struggled feverishly to try to define these events as anything but terrorism (rather than combat them), and they were literally jumping for joy earlier today and yesterday as a video was seen of a “Caucasian” man taking off his shirt near the suspect vehicle. They “celebrated” a bit too soon apparently. The “international” (Obama speak for terrorism) links are beginning to come out.

Treason, betrayal, mental illnesses, crime; that they can understand and love. Patriotism and war they cannot and they fear and hate both equally, though one is a virtue, and the other is a terrible price that is often paid to defend life and freedom.

You see, liberals love being killed by their brothers, so they can be convinced that there are no brothers in this world, just union workers, poor noble people and evil rich ones.

They absolutely hate being killed by their enemies, since they also would like to be convinced there are no enemies, just evil rich people and the masses of “noble” humanity down in the mud. They of course, are neither, they believe they are the enlightened few that observe and guide the rest for everyone’s (every organism’s or every thing’s I should say) benefit. Lucky for us.

Meanwhile, it would be nice to bring back the War on Terror because a unilateral peace agreement is a bit absurd, and then at least we can get bombed but bomb back. Who knows, that may even deter them as 7 years under George W showed.


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