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The Lighthouse Keeper’s take on the Donald Trump Access Hollywood Tape that was recently leaked, and subsequently pummeled his poll numbers. This is an analysis of tape, the context in which it was leaked (after being held for 11 years by NBC and Access Hollywood only to be released by them (and the Washington Post) within a month of the General Election, and coinciding with the Wikileaks release of Hillary Clinton confidant John Podesta’s emails). It would always have generated some ratings, at any time during those 11 years, from the very next day, to any time after that including any time during Trump’s primary race and up until now as the GOP candidate in the general election campaign. It was however, appropriately not considered newsworthy as so much of the off air and off the record material the networks routinely collect during their day-to-day business.

Until Hillary Clinton really needed it.

This of course, is a lengthy talk, as opposed to my usual in-depth article; trying out a new medium, and depending on reception and circumstances, I will do more talks and/or videos…and after some practice undoubtedly they’re quality will improve!


With all the scandal, demonizing and bashing surrounding Donald Trump, I leave with you a video, mostly in his own words, that may paint a very different picture for you.





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