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Back in the last day of July, the Lighthouse made two stock suggestions to our readership who may have some spare cash to invest and is happy to see bigger than average returns.


The first suggestion was CEL (Cellcom Israel LTD), which we correctly predicted had dropped over-zealously due to marker deregulation and competition.

The opening price on the day of the article post was 5.54 US dollars per share.  The stock price immediately began its steady climb. The very next day saw a 6% profit for those interested in fast profits and very short term swing trading.

Within a couple of weeks it had reached 7.45, and well within the time horizon of the vast majority of investors, by September 24, less than two months after the post, CEL had reached 9.33 – a 69% profit return in less than two months!

I do not make stock recommendations often, as I tend to stick to loftier discussions, but when I do… they are good.

Below is a chart from Google Finance showing CEL’s climb since my endorsement.


Cellcom’s rise since its “buy” rating was issued by the Lighthouse


The second suggestion was AMRN. AMRN has remained volatile since the post because the move has not ran its course, and I suggest sticking with it longer.  However, for those who would have been interested in a fast profit, at the time of my post, AMRN was at 11.60 or so. Ten days after my post it hit 12.94 (a 12% return in 10 days!), and 14.78 by September 7th; a 27% return. Since then it has dropped considerably due to a FDA NCE decision delay but remains highly volatile and well above the recommended purchase price (about at 12.60 today, a dollar in the green).

On Amarin, I continue to suggest keeping the position, while purchasing more shares or calls (protected by puts) every time the stock dips down below 12.40 or so. Another month or two should see Amarin repaying its short term  investors quite handsomely.




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