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First off, I join the many thousands of people who wish Rep. Gabrielle Giffords all the best in a full recovery, and condolences to the family of the innocent people murdered today in Tucson, including a federal judge and a young girl.


Secondly, before all the inevitable (actually I am sure it already started) finger pointing and politicizing of the situation and giant backlash against conservatives (since Rep. Giffords is a Democrat), let me remind everyone of two things.


1. Of course this Jared Loughner (sp?) is just a nut, and it is of little importance what political views he may have thought he had.


2. In spite of that, he is nothing but a Pot head who seems to be a rambling liberal idiot with his “stream of consciousness” “conscious dreaming” “intellectual currency” “literacy” “civil rights” and similar terms in his youtube video….


3. Because he is white, the media will try and is trying hard to paint him as an ultra-conservative right wing gun toting christian fundamentalist white supremacist but he obviously is far from that, pretty much the opposite of that. The media will focus hard on the “literacy” part of his ramblings, to make the stretch that he is complaining about “illiterates” ie “illegal aliens”. However, he makes no mention of aliens, Mexicans, race, or illegal or anything of the sort and his ramblings on literacy and illiterates seems to be more in line with the rest of his liberal psychobabble about consciousness, and new currency. This meaning that he most likely is referring to white gun toting conservatives in his state as “illiterates” because they don’t buy into his mind blowing pot filled universe of cosmic insignificance.


4. Rep. Giffords, though a Democrat, is far from an Obama or pelosi liberal. She is a self proclaimed Blue Dog Democrat (conservative or moderate conservative democrats) and a former Republican. She has worked on bills trying to stop the flow of illegal aliens and drugs into Arizona as well as stem the cartel violence spilling onto her state. She is very far down in a list of “liberal” enemies in congress  a hypothetical right wing assassin would want to target.



In Conclusion, it is very sad that the actions of one nut can so drastically change a nation’s course. When I first heard of Rabin’s murder in Israel, already knowing he is dead and there being nothing that can be done about that, I hoped that it had been an arab who shot him. Knowing his anti-Israel defeatist policies, I instinctively knew there was a chance a Jew had shot him and I knew that would be deadly for Israel. Unfortunately, so it was. Rabin went from one record level low popularity Prime Minister about to lose the next election to Bibi who then still promised to undo Oslo and the failed policies of “land for peace” to  becoming a holy infallible symbol of perfection and Oslo a permanent feature of the Israeli political landscape. One of the few people more liberal than him, Peres, became the next PM instead of Bibi and the 90s were lost to the left. No right winger ever did more damage to the Right in Israel than Rabin’s murderer. If he disliked his politics, all he had to do was let him lose the next election and slip into obscurity.


Likewise in American politics, Kennedy is likewise enshrined in popularity by the virtue of being killed. If someone was to shoot Obama, we would see the next 3 Presidents if not more, be “Obamas”. In a Democracy, nothing is more damaging to a cause, then shooting and making a martyr, an enemy of such cause. The record is combed over for anyone who used the slightest aggressive term (obviously metaphorically) which are common in politics (like in this case, Pailin saying Rep Giffords’ seat was a “target” for the next election) and those people are castigated as if they did the shooting, and for years later the opposing side is scared to utter a term in defiance. It stifles the debate, puts blame where its not due and makes people illogically veer to the side of the victim. Obviously, in a democracy, no liberal or conservative leader should be shot, and being shot should not bolster ones popularity. One can be dead wrong about policy and be shot as much as one can be right and be shot, it is irrelevant. If anything it only speaks about the quality of your security team. The blame for any such act should fall only on the lunatics who perpetrate them.  Ronald Reagan was shot by another rambling idiot, and I would never use that as evidence that liberals shoot presidents or as a validation of Reagan’s principles or vice versa.


One hopes this tragedy is not used by the left as ammunition against patriotic Arizonians who would never shoot a lady, Democrat or otherwise, much less 13 people, but in fact would probably come to her aid (as apparently a couple of heroic  people in the crowd did and tackled the shooter). It was not only a tragedy but a crime, and a crime committed only the people who did so (be it just this retard or him and others) and I hope they are punished to the fullest, regardless of their politics. It should not be used to make innocent people who disagreed with Rep. Gifford s about the future of their country feel as if they are guilty of this massacre. One of the most sacred freedoms in America is the right to vigorously disagree, to argue and vote as you please, and it should not be curbed and infringed upon because one day someone you disagree with might get shot and then you will be blamed for it.


The following days will be filled with that rhetoric, the “vitriol”, “hateful dialogue”, “the divisive political climate” etc etc as if this lunatic even knew what he was talking about. Do not let it fool you. Do not fall for it. It prays on the right’s chivalry and morality.


I attack Obama all the time, and other’s whose policies aim to destroy their countries, and in fact let me do so here again: “Obama is a loser, a commi and a bad President”. I hereby attack him in-spite of the fact that one day someone may shoot him. My freedom cannot be taken at such cheap price. That is a cheap trick to stifle legitimate opposition. No one should shoot him, or anyone else,  I hope no one does, and I and other law abiding citizens who oppose him and his policies should remain guilt free even if some psycho does.


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