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It was hard to understand… and yet incredibly irritating to continusoulsy, for months, and at an ever increasing pace the last few days, hear every western leader and pundint continue to say that Qadaffi “must realize” he is defeated and step down…

Someone who is defeated must not realize anything, since he is defeated. When Saddam was found in a hole and arrested, he was not pressed by world leaders to please step down and “realize” his time is up. It was not irrelevent what he chose to realize or not. By the very fact the world continues to ask col. Gadaffi to step down, they imply that he has somewhere to step down from… namely power.

If NATO, and the rebel scum they are backing mean to defeat Qadaffi, then there is no need for him to neither step down, nor realize that his time is up or any other cliche being thrown around. Of course, at earlier stages of the conflict, the excuse for this childish comment is that, it was not that Qadaffi was already defeated, but rather that he shold realize he cannot possibly win, and so in the name of avoiding further bloodshed he should step down.

However, after the rebels and NATO have continuously declared victory, teh demise of the regime, and control over Tripoli.. that excuse no longer flies. They keep declaring on one hand, that they have won and Qadaffi is finished, while on the other keep asking Qadaffi to please be finished….
A “on the money” as usual Obama said just horus ago

Muammar Gaddafi and his regime need to recognize that their rule has come to an end

and that “Gaddafi needs to acknowledge the reality that he no longer controls Libya.”  He then has repetadly asked for him to step down… odd for man not in control to have to step down.


Just hours later, he had to say:

not over yet, and situation in the country remains fluid.

There remains a degree of uncertainty, and there are still regime elements who pose a threat,


Apparently, in the previous months, NATO forces had prepared, planned and supported a complex maneuver by the rebel forces, to take Libya and collapse the regime (against the stated goals of the NATO mandate). The plan included betrayals, intrigue, marine landings, special forces, very large air support, and activating “sleeper cells” within Tripoli.


At first, it seemed incredibly successful, and no doubt it was in many ways, as within hours, the rebel forces said they controlled most of Tripoli and had captured 3 of Qadaffi’s sons. Here came the myriad of statements saying Qadaffi was finished, and simultaneously asking him to step down.


As I stated in my earlier post, the capture of the sons seemed fishy, how could the rag tag rebels advanced so fast, that the sons could not have retreated within their lines. Intrigue seemed the only possibility, be it that they were arrested by their own troops, or actually defected and betrayed their own father in a deal to save their own skins. Soon, details that en eilite batallion defending tripli had in fact been ordered to defect by its commander leaked out.


Still… there was no sign of Qadaffi himself, until he roared yet again, with the media claiming rebel control of 95% of tripoli, and 3 of his sons captured, (not to mention even China and Russia finally calling for his ouster in a pathetic attempt to back the winners in the 11th hour), that he would never surrender.


The exceedingly fast events seemed to slow… the last 5% of Tripoli didnt ever seem to be captured, and though the media repeatedly reported all regime forces had simply surrendered, switched sides or “melted away”, there was no sign of progress and no sign of Qaddafi. Then… little by little, stories of “pockets of resistance” turnined into “defiant last stand by the regime” and into “a still fluid situation”, and then one son escaping “house arrest” and then just a couple of hours ago, the second (and most influtential) one showing up in the Rixos hotel giving the press a tour of Tripoli… It almost seems that it was not just NATO planning surprises these months.. and some very elaborate subterfuge (or just incredible luck) had been orchestrated by the Qadaffis… a movie plot could not beat this.


The out come of course, still looks dire for the Qadaffis, as though they could easily put down the rabble of peasent islamist communists trying to overrun them, Libya can hardly fight them plust NATO while it is embargoed, cut off from oil sales and vital supplies and ammunition.


However, regardless of Qadaffi’s prrevious reputation, one cannot help but be impressed with the courage, tenacity and sheer awesomeness in which he is defying the entire world in their embarrasing and illegitimate effort to bomb an army, its innocent soldiers, the security forces,  a whole goverment, and a ruling family to bits because they ordered, as any other country would, their peace keeping forces to stop looting, rampaging revolutionary forces from taking over their country (or as they called it, saving innocent civillians).


Mubarak sits in trial humiliated, plagued by strokes and depression, while Egypt falls into the grip of the islamists, (whose newfound freedom in Sinai Israel already experienced in this week’s terror attacks), Saleh blown up nearly to death, Ben Ali shamed and humiliated in exile, while the longest reigning Arab ruler who apparently made the mistake of changing his ways to befriend the West, still roars in defiance with the entire world raining down upon him. The peasent leaders would love to tear him to pieces in their custody, and the socialist self richous burocrats of the UN, Europe and the Obama administation would love to see him kneel before them in their super-national post-patriotism Hague where they will pretend to themselves that they afford him a fair trial. I hope neither get their way…


What instead? Perhaps that the vast Libyan middle class, and conservative tribes, content with seeing Qadaffi finish his long reign naturally, get to continue their normal lives without the world invading them at the behest of a rabble of malcontents… no different than if NATO had bombed London after their recent riots, or perhaps the WARSAW pact bomb Los Angeles, after the Watts riots (or even the 90’s riots), or even today the UN security council ordering Israel bombed until the complaints of the tent protester hippies be addressed… already the rebels promised to uphold the oil contracts with the EU nations singed with Qadaffi, the price they paid for their support.  If Qadaffi falls, the EU will be repaid with a Libya, breeding ground for extremism, terror and a launching pad for massive african and muslim illegal immigration to Italy and the rest of Europe.  But even if that somehow does not happen.. the trend continues to be set… be an enemy of the west and you will be left alone and respected, be a friend and you will be thrown under the bus at the first sign of trouble… and that is infinitely more dangeours to national security than any ruling regime of any kind ruling Libya and its oil.

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