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I have already described previously the annoying, illogical and constant slew of statements by every western leader and media pundit asking Qadaffi to realize he no longer has power, and then to please somehow step down and relinquish that power he does not have…


Qadaffi meanwhile, continues to fight and issue statements for his people to continue resistance… Ironically, he does not declare that the various PMs of Europe have lost, should realize so, and step down, but simply that he fights on, and urges the Libyan people to do so as well.


So, today, the Brittish Foreign Minister Hague, had a new call for Col. Qadaffi, don’t just please step down, but  Hague called on Gadhafi to “stop issuing delusional statements.”


It’s comic, Qadaffi’s statements that he will continue to fight, and will not surrender (as he is in fact doing), are “delusional” because they fail to “recognize” what the western leaders have asked him to recognize for months… that he no longer has power and cannot resist (though he still has and does). It is evident that Qadaffi’s refusal to kneel irritates the western bureaucrats to the core, long passed the point where they themselves would have surrendered, and instead of fully defeating him as they set out to do in their illegitimate and illegal campaign (the NATO mandate was to bomb people who are killing “civilians” only), or ideally getting out of the way and stop killing loyal Libyan citizens and soldiers simply because they happen to hold a differing opinion (support Qadaffi), they issue childish and irritating statements showing their petty anger at a man, much bigger than them that simply refuses to kneel at their all powerful multinational socialist declarations.


It seems to me the “delusional statements” are coming from the West. When Qadaffi has lost, it will no longer be necessary to ask him to step down, and for believers in Free Speech it’s ridiculous that a British Foreign Minister have to ask someone, whom they say is without power, finished, and on the run, to stop issuing delusional statements. I figured such a figure can issue any sort of statement he wants. Maybe the “democracy” they have planned for Libya does not include free speech, or at least not for Col. Qadaffi.


Though as usual, Iran hails the defeat of Qadaffi (since it knows and hopes an Islamic regime can be set up in its space, or at least another chaotic territory where they can sponsor proxy war from like Lebanon or Gaza, but this time threaten Europe), and Obama and the liberals find themselves on the same side as Iran and I against (this is normal), this time we have one amazing anomaly… This ONE time… I find myself almost sort of agreeing with Hugo Chavez.


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