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Pentagon worried about Obama’s commitment to Afghanistan

Wars are won and lost on Will, and I knew Obama and friends were dumber than usual in not recognizing their own lack of it, and expanding this war.

But he is breaking far faster then I expected.

I worried that if he did nothing at all, he would preside over the winding down of Afghanistan, victory in Iraq (won in spite of gigantic pressure and against all odds under Bush), and the natural economic recovery… all leading to undeserved praise and popularity. This could have long lasting negative effects.

But Now I know one must never worry an idiot will do well, even if it means doing nothing at all. One must worry an idiot will do as an idiot does.

From endangering the world’s greatest economy by socialism and record unsustainable deficits, to ending its landmark foundations in individual freedom and responsibility, not to mention hysterically and without resolve increasing a military buildup in a region where the US purposefully did not have a large build up (ask the Soviets how that goes), and soon after showing public weakness and lack of steadfast support for the soldiers he supposedly commands and put in harms way, he has shocked even his greatest critiques such as myself.

When enemies to America and the West, and friends of the peasant coward Hugo Chavez have been thrown from illicit power by a Supreme Court, elected representatives, and an army loyal to a Constitution as happened in Honduras, he has been quick to rally behind the would-be dictator. He found his communism or his shared hatred of America much too endearing. As Iran continues to develop WMD, he continues to use the might of the US army that he unfortunately and unfittingly commands to block Israel from liberating itself from the threat of annihilation.

He is guided by nothing more than his liberal elitist sorry mentality and ego fit for nothing outside a University Campus or Public radio show listened to by five vegetarians. These people, so distrusting of the military, so undeserving of their loyal protection, so ignorant of the freedom they provide to the likes of them, actually thought that when Obama waves his magic wand over the muslim lands of the world, and when they discuss in their ever lasting wisdom and manage this war in an eco-friendly, cost analysis, community involvement, long term sustainable way, the enemy would surely crumble at their open border policy. Actually, I should correct, Obama and friends must not believe in such a simplistic and outdated old white male term such as “enemy”.

They must figure that the non-cooperative organic units would soon realize the benefits of loving Obama as all people must eventually accept, and lay down their weapons. That is if they believe the “enemy” has weapons. Perhaps they are better termed traditional tribal pre-colombian carbon-neutral protection assets.

In any event, while the American people mostly unknowingly suffer the consequences of their vote, and a crisis that can change their country beyond recognition and be potentially irreversible, I hope Israelis enjoy some benefit of their own vote. Under Netanyahu, I hope we have not yet forgotten the spark, and rise proudly to deal a blow to our enemies who most certainly by now have forgotten we ever had a spark.


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