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If Bibi (Netanyahu) and Lieberman are able to put egos, aside, consider country first, this should work out ok.

With National Union coming on board, and Bibi and Lieberman together, they should be able to make the coalition, of course it will come down as usual to the corrupt and buyable Shas who will join anyone for the right price..

It is important that the right not break ranks and join Livni because their differences are small compared to the positions of the left which is to surrender Israel to the enemy humiliate ourselves before the world.

The Left will make accusations that the people’s will is Kadima, being the largest party. They should be answered that their small margin making them the largest party was made up of Arab votes, hardly “the peoples” will as they are the very enemy of the state. Unfortunately our enemies, from Syria to Hamas, do not give Jews the vote.

Beyond this, the right wing vote here is clearly the largest and it was simply broken into two parties. So if a majority voted right, and some even more right, what would be against the people’s will is then to the left to conviniently take the victory.

Olmert and Kadima have sat there way too long with popularity levels reaching 1%, he has led a victorioous and brave IDF to two failures, and as the threats around us grow (like a nuclear Iran), we cannot afford more years of timidity and short vision.

With Obama in opwer in the US, the Israel friendly Bush days are long gone, and it makes even more critical that we have a leader with guts to stand up to all those who will subvert our interest, whomever they may be.

I await in hope, that the patriots are finally given a chance to lead us to Victory.


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