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Incredible… and not surprising. This video, apparently taking place in Australia, has been  getting quite a bit of publicity on social media recently, as another example of islamist intolerance, but the most telling fact is likely to go unnoticed.

The only reason a lone muslim dares attack a Jew (who by the way, nicely and easily subdued him on his own) among a crowd of Jews… is because he trusts in their values. He knows he is safe.

Safe among the highly observant Jews, and safe thereafter in the hands of the civilized Australian police. Reversing the situation is unthinkable. Not only would a Jew not go scream insanities at a bunch of highly religious muslims, but if he did he would be likely beaten to death or near death (depending what country we are in and what if any police consequences there would be) by the mob.

And this is a microcosm of the conflict at large… they understand the West, and use their knowledge of us and our values to their advantage, and we refuse to understand them and what they are and want.

We are losing at a game we don’t even accept we are playing.

Note: Another point for the Hasidim, well done.


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