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Hey Syed Farook, this is how men have a shootout with cops while wearing armor and donning assault weapons.

Sure, they didn’t shoot dozens of unnamed innocents since they weren’t disgruntled Health Dept, registered Democrat, Islamist Jihadi employees, and just wanted some bank cash, but when the armed police came, they lasted way longer and did way better.

Back in this infamous robbery in North Hollywood back in 1997 (in a scene scene seemingly right out of “Heat” at the time), it took a couple of really brave officers out dozens and dozens to finally end it, and some heavier weapons taken from a nearby gun store.

For all their planning, bags of ammunition, pipe bombs, long and short guns, Farook and his wife were easily overcome without loss of life as soon as the armed police confronted them. It was the gun-controlled and gun free Christmas party attendees that were at their mercy unfortunately.

But in all fairness, in France, Farook and his wife, would have probably seized the government. In Israel, they would have been dead within a minute, and in Texas, within seconds.


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