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Why North Dakota May Be the Best State in the Country to Live In

by Carla Fried

Thursday, March 31, 2011

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Lowest unemployment in the nation, best job growth, lowest default rate, low violent crime and high third higest GDP growth! Today’s headline should be easy to explain…

Obviously, this must because its  the most multicultural and diverse state…oh no its over 90% white. Hmm maybe because it has the most progressive liberal policies that allow for jobs, regulation and fairness for all…oh no its one of the most consistently republican states in the country.

Surely the sales tax is very high, because in California (which is collapsing in every way) it is only near 10% and there is a gigantic budget deficit. Hence the mighty Brown is about to raise ’em some more. To afford such a great standard for all the population in ND, consumers must be taxed quite a lot. Yes? Oh, no its only 5%, half of CA’s and they have large surpluses.

Well, for sure, as Bill Maher must know, its because it has the least loony religious people, and all these enlightened vegetarian secular people grace its land without committing crimes, paying their bills and just being awesome citizens… hmm odd North Dakota has LOWEST percentage of NON-religious people of any state. Also has the most churches per capita of any state.

I’m so confused.


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