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A good week for the scholar and patriot Newt Gingrich.


While unfortunately, his name recognition has dropped since the late 90s, two dangerous opponents in the primary dropped out. Firstly, Huckabbe, who has absolutely no qualifcation to the be the leader of the free world, but commands a vast array of good conservative christian voters (plus Chuck Norris who I won’t mess with) who are willing to overlook anything he does or says.

Secondly, Trump, who was uncharasteristically (for a poltician)  direct, sharp and quick to attacks and issues of all kinds. Conservatives like me were left oddly attracted to the possibilites of this man of action being President, but wondering if you can believe anything he says or he remains as he has been… a publicity artist.

A truly good one at that, when B Hussein Obama finally released the long form birth certificate, and everyone sensed a defeated and embarrased Trump (since he had been openly doubting Barak’s claimed birthplace of Hawaii), he instead came out and said he was incredibly proud of his accomplishment: “He alone was finally able to the pres to do, when no one else before was able to… to get him to show his birth certificate” It was a very nicely spun move, limbaugh could not have done better.

Anyway, middle america christian conservatives, busines conservatives and diplolmatic hawks are now free to back Newt Gingrich again. This is great news. Of course, conventional wisdom says Romney is to benefit, and this could be the case, but it remains to be seen, especially once America sees Gingrich, the oratory master, in a debate. Its also questionable how many of Huckabee’s Evangelical Christian supporters are willing to back Romney, a Mormon.

There also seemed to be some signs that these weeks events were pre-organized. There was a pre-recorded message from Trump played at the Huckabbe announcemnt, then a few days later Trump declares he will not run, and just days before both of these, Newt had announced he would run into what seemed an untimely and crowded field.

Its possible, these three men, all agreed for the better of their country (though its possible they made the same agreement with Romney, or even one of the other candidates).

Keep building strong Newt… men of ideas, principles, intellect and courage are few and far between nowdays… and the world aches for such leadership.


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