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I suppose it will ruin the media’s day that the Boston Marathon bombers were Muslim after all..

Chechen’s relatively lighter appearance had given them so much hope they could blame an American Christian (thus “right-wing extremist”) and subsequently call for banning almost everything…Christianity, guns, being white, being a man, marathons and walking around without a gov’t permit for starters…

Since instead this was perpetrated as expected by terrorist Muslim enemies of the Western World, the reaction instead will be nothing but campaigns to explain to us that these people who follow the Koran and Jihad are bad muslims, and that the ones who do not follow them are good ones… thus that Islam has nothing to do with this terror and in any event -“it’s Bush’s fault”. Before this of course, they are praying and desperately trying to conclude that these two Chechens (the people of Chechnya) happen to be the last 2 non Muslim ones left…Maybe they are Terek Cossacks.  Good luck media.

There is something quite ugly in that the left wishes and hopes every time there is a any violent act against its own country, that it was perpetuated by its own people, rather than the enemy. The left can make the opposite argument you say? Conservatives always hope that it was done by the enemy?

Quite right… unashamedly so. Being the opposite, it is likewise as un-ugly as the left’s position is ugly. The right does not wish there to be ANY attack to begin with. An attack having taken place, and fellow citizens maimed and murdered, of course the right hopes that this terror was perpetuated by a cowardly enemy rather than by a brother – a fellow citizen. The implications on all levels are far better, one speaks of a healthy society under attack, the other of a degenerate society that needs no attack. One has an honorable solution (fight and defeat your enemies), while the other indicated a society that has already no honor left to speak of.

Politically as well, unfortunately the consequences are monstrously different. As described above, the media and the left’s obsession with squashing and making taboo any thought of the Muslim world as an enemy, makes for absurd reactions.

If a Muslim commits a terror attack, the Western World is told over and over that it is not indicative of a majority of Muslims or Islam itself… that “bad” Muslims have done this. No one seems to see the irony that the most observant of Muslims tend to be the “bad” Muslims in the media’s eyes, and the most secular and/or atheist Muslims the good ones.  On the other hand, if anyone but a Muslim (in America usually a Christian), does any type of attack, the widest net is cast… “You see, lots of terrorists are not Muslim” and there is a giant backlash not against the deranged individual but against conservatives and the right in general.

Muslim terrorists are not deranged individuals, they are enemies with arguably immoral methods, who have a political objective; to terrorize their enemies into submissions because they do not have standing armies strong enough to do so in conventional ways. This is why they often claim responsibility for attacks. The white Americans that all too frequently show up and shoot everyone do not have a political goal… not fighting for a cause, they are simply worthless human beings (though of course also a product of our ever more feminized and liberal society, but that is another topic).

Every time one of these punks randomly kills people, though almost always if anything at all they can be thought of more as a liberal than conservative (they are usually disturbed goths, not church-going young college republicans) the backlash is immediately anti-right.

The NRA is immediately under assault (even though NRA members are never the shooters, and correctly claim that if any of their armed and trained members had been around, the shooter would have been put down quickly before mass casualties), the second amendment in peril, and all sorts of freedoms in danger. At the Lighthouse I have cataloged not few of these, the Aurora Colorado Theater Shooting, the Rep. Gabrielle Giffords Shooting, and even in the George Zimmerman case (shooting of Trayvon), are all representative of how the media immediately twists tragic events, imbuing them with irrelevant incitements of race and politics, to further their leftist agenda, and far too many people in distress for the victims follow foolishly along.

The Boston Marathon Bombings would be no exception. But the media jumped the gun. Apparently today, though they have earlier this week repeatedly espoused that these were likely right wing extremist (CNN has claimed it more than 4 times already), here is just some of that, and Democrat members of Congress have used the bombing to rally support banning guns (since IEDs and blowing people up are already banned, though it did not seem to deter these two gentlemen), today they would have to “eat their words” had we in the West a responsible press. But we do not, and nothing will be taken back by anyone. At the Lighthouse we take great care to be right, and when we are shown otherwise, we set the record straight. That is something not seen much on our airwaves today.

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5 responses to “Bad Day for the Media – Islam behind Boston Marathon bombing after all?”

  1. UPDATE: The latest news, is saying that one suspect, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was born in Kyrgyzstan. This is a region close to Chechnya, also heavily Muslim. It became independent following the breakup of the Soviet Union in the early 90s (unlike Chechnya, which was retained by Russia itself, which in turn has been followed by decades of violence). The city of Cambridge apparently gave him a scholarship.

    As details are still constantly changing, I will update once it is more clear. A possibility remains that these two were fueled by a newly seen hybrid condition… Muslim, but heavily imbued in the American (and leftist) “I don’t fit, nerdy/goth, depressed, “I’ll show everyone” mentality that has fueled other shootings (though usually these people shoot their classmates, whom they resent, and not marathon runners). Too early to tell; but one thing seems to remain clear and must be kept in mind despite the media’s interpretations, these two are anything but white Christian Conservatives (or conservatives of any kind).

  2. UPDATE: A youtube account under the name Tamerlan Tsarnaev (the same as the older suspect’s) can be seen here

    It is definitely an account dominated by Islam. A radical Australian Cleric is featured as well a Russian speaking one from Chechnya. There are issues between Sufi and Salfist aspects of Islam discussed. It may be that it was the older brother, Tamerlan, who was the driving force of the attacks, and carried his far more Americanized and seemingly weaker younger brother Dzhokhar along with him.

    There are also unverified reports that Dzhokhar may have ran over his older brother with a vehicle when trying to flee the shootout in which Tamerlan was killed. The possible “Hybrid” nature of the attack I suggested previously may be even more ironic than I thought…. the hybrid being of a ideological Islamic terrorist in the form of Tamerlan, and an unhappy, confused, unpopular weak willed and much more secular and liberal (though still Muslim at least in name) younger brother. That of course remains pure speculation, but would explain some of the more bizarre aspects of the case thus far. All of this is likewise assuming that these suspects are the ones responsible for the Boston Marathon explosions as well as the officer shooting, and subsequent shootout with police (which is very likely but not certain).

    Will a higher up connection emerge? I believe it is very likely. Even if the original inspiration was their own, (as opposed to being directed from abroad from the beginning), a person inspired by and connected with the various radical Internet clerics, planning to carry out an attack like this is likely to reach out to one or more of them. They would want the clerics to recognize and be proud of their actions. They in turn could provide some support, technical, financial and/or mere guidance. We saw similar situations inspired by the American-born and English speaking terrorist Imam in Yemen, Anwar al-Awlaki (eventually killed by the US in Sept 2011).

  3. scissorsmile says:

    Seems as if you’re taking this opportunity to call out the opportunists. Hypocritical right-wing extremists who like to color things in black and white will eventually end up painting themselves in a corner. I’ve served in the military, I’m not pro-abortion, I own guns, I’m from the country… but guess what? I met some Muslim people along the way and they were great folks! I consider them to be my friends and I worry about backlash on them (and indirectly on me because they’re my friends) when I read the dribble in this article.

    You’ve got more in common with the extremists, Erik Zimerman, than my Muslim friends do. You’re not a political player, you don’t make any important decisions, and you only think you have the answers. That’s the problem with any extremist, inflated ego and an answer to all the problems.

    • I appreciate the sincere though highly critical comment. You are mostly right (except I would hope in your insults), but you err in assuming my positions or that of the article.

      You call me out and taking an opportunity to call out the opportunists… except that I referred to this even within the article itself when I responded to the charge that would undoubtedly be made:

      Quite right… unashamedly so.

      There is a difference between the opportunities that we take. The right wishes to point out that a people (in this case Americans) should be patriotically united in their fight against those that wish to destroy them. The left wants to point out that there is no enemy (other than perhaps white Christian males) at all, and confronting anyone would be a mistake… instead we should pass more socialist laws to protect ourselves from ourselves… in essence increase government power. Also at a more basic level, though an event like this is always terrible and we all wish (I extend that assumption even to my leftist opponents) it had rather not happened at all, there IS something better about such an act being perpetrated by your enemy than by your brother. I know this is not acceptable language nowadays, but it is no less so… there would be something much more perverse about such an attack being perpetrated to Americans by their fellow Americans.

      The Muslim terrorist, believe it or not, is much less perverse. He does not quite have the standing of an honorable enemy on the battlefield fighting for his country or people, because he has targeted civilians, women and children, but he at least has ideological, political and national goals….(he is not murdering randomly because he wasn’t popular in school) he believes he is driven to these methods due to the technological and military superiority of his enemy (at best that is, of course at worse and quite often he also believes that this enemy society (the West or America) is decadent, immoral, apostate, weak and so should die in any event but that is another story and I will give the benefit of the doubt as to not assume this).

      You then say “we” (hypocritical right wing extremists) like to color in black and white… that I have no problem with, things are black and white and certainly like to paint them that way. Black and white is often confused with simple, which they certainly are not, many things are quite complex but they still are what they are.

      I appreciate people like you, not pro-abortion, who own guns, from the country, even though most where I grew up stupidly look down upon such people in their ignorance (though be sure that they would certainly agree with you on this issue today!). I also served in the military and am not pro-abortion (and am not from the country but certainly love it today). I guarantee you that I know many many more Muslims than you do (simply due to the nature of where we each live), but here you assumed a position I did not take.

      Of course Muslims can be great people, where in my article do you see otherwise? But in order to be great people in our (Western) eyes, they have to also be bad Muslims. This is the truth that is too shocking to our Western politically correct attitude to admit. I have written at length about this elsewhere. What you call extremists are simply good Muslims, though you may also call them bad people from your perspective. The Koran says what it says… and the very nature of Islam is to make the world submit to Allah or face the sword. Do most muslims do this on a daily basis? No of course not, most aren’t that good a Muslim. Many don’t believe in it at all and are Muslim only in a cultural or ethnic way. They very word Muslim in Arabic means one “who submits”, jihad is not a term made up by “right wing extremists” but rather an ancient and long time facet of Islam whether you like or not.

      From the sound of it, your Muslims friends sound like fine people, and really bad Muslims (ask the Clerics that Tamerlan was following). The worry you have for them is a non-issue… though bad things happen everywhere as a result of the actions of individuals, I can assure you America will not as a result of this or many other things enact any ant-Muslim legislation whatsoever (btw if any was passed or considered, you would find the Lighthouse opposed). The president’s own father is a Muslim, and your friends will be allowed to become President as well, even after my article. On the other hand, the leftist continuous backlash I mention exists in ever greater force… where real laws are enacted, and real freedoms lost.

      Am I political player? Of course not, if I was, I would enact policies beneficial to my nation and her allies, instead as a citizen like you I comment on them. “Inflated ego” I will leave out of our conversation….

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