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Follow up to earlier “Shooting” Article


Unfortunately, as I predicted, the “blame the right wing” movement is in full force due to the shooting.

The same politicians who engage in rhetoric are now condemning it as decisive and inflammatory. They are blaming this shooting on their favorite target, Sara Pailin. They demand it stop (of course they mean the rhetoric of their opponents should stop, not their own).

It is especially ironic that as they demand more civility and condemn demonization, they accuse their political opponents of murder. That’s pretty civil. And there is little more demonizing then blaming people for deaths and murder. So I want to know who among these leftists pundits will take responsibility if someone was to shoot Sarah Palin.

Don’t let them fool you, do not simmer vigorous debate and free speech. Do not “shut up” ashamed or afraid. Quite the opposite.

As for updates on details about this Jeff shooter, for those who wish to insist on labeling him a right wing extremist only because he was white (and one of his victims a Democrat)… his online profile listed as one of a few favorite books, “The Communist Manifesto”, he was an avowed Atheist and a pot head. Yea really sounds like a Sarah Palin supporter.

Finally, in regards to the gun rights which unfortunately will suffer due to this crime, this is not an example of why guns should be further restricted. In fact, the opposite, if all or at least some of the good citizens there had been armed, and not just the bad guy (as is the situation when guns are banned, law abiding citizens don’t have guns, and bad guys do) then lives would have been saved. To think that a anti gun law would have stopped this crazed hippie, is absurd as I am quite sure that killing a room full of people and wounding at least a dozen in Arizona is quite illegal and he didn’t seem to mind.

Arizona is a pretty well armed state, and so the reason that unfortunately many of the good citizens there were not armed is due to the fact it was Democrat get together. Had this hippie walked in to a Republican event in Arizona, he probably would have been shot before his third bullet was out. Bit of political humor there of course, but some truth therein, and of course, armed or not, there seemed to be a brave couple of guys and an older lady there who acted very honorably and probably saved lives.

In conclusion, crazed commi pot smoking hippie shooting everyone should not take away our freedom of speech nor our freedom to bear arms. Don’t let it.

Further details for the truly bored:

If I truly looked into indirect reasons for this guys’ behavior they probably are found on the left. Why is no one saying that marijuana could be a cause and stop legalization train across the nation? What about his hippie liberal commi blabbering? If he had been raised with discipline, hard work and and good religious values he most likely would not have shot anyone. His self absorbed emotional, immoral, atheistic psychedelic persona is a poster child for why liberalism breeds bad youth. HOWEVER, I point that only for the purposes of discussion, and I do not blame liberals for this nor tell them to curb their freedom of speech. I continue to tell liberals they are wrong, but not guilty of these murders. No one is responsible except for the culprit, a shocking concept in today’s America.

Militant words are very common in the US lexicon, things are the “bomb” people and politicians “strike back”, disagreements in debate are often “attacking” and “defending” arguments are “shot down”, laws, senate seats and districts are often “targets” for an opposition, politicians losing positions such as amid a scandal  is “heads must roll” etc etc etc and obviously they are being used metaphorically. It’s ok.

Our fearless leader Barak Hussein O. relatively recently  said “‘If They Bring a Knife to the Fight, We Bring a Gun”

I blame Obama for a lot of things, and I did take issue when he said he was going to “put my boot in their throat” (referring to the private company, BP), but I won’t blame him if a Republican gets shot somewhere.

Of course that is easy for me because conservatives tend to hold people responsible for what they do, and not for what they don’t do.

For liberals, everyone is responsible for everything EXCEPT the person who actually is responsible. If a maniac shoots someone, obviously we must now try to understand why society causes maniacs to shoot someone. That wouldn’t be so bad if they also studied why 99% of maniacs didn’t shoot someone that day and most days, and how did society cause that?

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