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More about the Arizona Shooting


Sad to say, “told you so”…  (previous articles on this)


The headline :

Arizona shooting victim arrested after allegedly threatening Tea Party member


I pointed out in my last note on the subject the massive hypocrisy and self-denial of the media and the left as they demanded more “civility” in public discourse while they accused S Palin, the Tea Party and others on the Right of murder (blaming them for the shooting in Tucson). It was some of the grandest self delusion I have ever seen.


I asked rhetorically in my last note what the leaders of the left would say if someone, based on their incitement would shoot Sara Palin. Because if these right wing leaders simply  stating, however strongly,  that the liberals are wrong in their policies (this freedom of opinion apparently is “uncivil”) is enough to incite murder, then I am quite sure accusing people of murder and innocent’s deaths is far more than enough for much more of the same.


Today, we already see the results of this absurdity. Ironically enough after the left and media attempted to blame the shooting on conservatives, a Democrat who was wounded in the shooting was arrested for threatening leaders of the Tea Party movement and other Conservatives.


The poor man and well intentioned hapless Democrat, having gone through a traumatic experience being shot as one can imagine, was used and manipulated by the same media that so self-righteously is clamoring for “civility” (in reality simply wanting to quiet any opposing view point), and the effect on him was EXACTLY what the left accused the right of doing. Coming out of the hospital, instead of thinking that he was the victim of a lunatic as is the truth, he is received by coverage telling him that the Tea Party, Sara Palin and conservatives are to blame for his tragedy. Obviously enraged that one of the two major parties and legitimate political leaders are encouraging people to shoot him, he acted out in rage and anger. Thankfully not in actual violence yet.


So to surmise:


1. We have one pot head liberal psycho comes in and shoots a room full of people including a moderate Democrat congresswoman.

2. The liberal media accuses the shooter of being a right wing bigot (since he is white) and blames the Republicans for his actions. Asserts we need to not let Republicans voice their opinions because it causes murders.

3. Due to gun control (or at least that the people present there were for gun control), no one is armed except the bad guy. But then the media insists that this is why we need gun control.

4. Then a second liberal comes in and threatens to kill more Republican leaders at a town meeting…


yup boy the conservatives really need to learn to be civil and open minded and peaceful from the liberals…


It will be fun to see how they spin this one.. I can’t even imagine how.. I suppose they will simply do a typical suspending of reality and say “See… more evidence of the polarized uncivil public discourse that can lead to violence” and maybe they will note how good it was that this guy wasn’t armed. They’ll just say that’s what they are saying all along. They don’t usually let facts get in their way.


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