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Of course, my full shpiel on the election is here.

But a couple of points in brief for those on the right who are afraid to not vote Likud, or not vote Moshe Feiglin for coalition politics reasons.

First, for those on the right, the choice between the United Right, and Zehut. Normally, we vote for the United Right, but I have to say this time it ought to be different.

The United Right is now composed of two sets of people broadly… as it is a union of Bennett’s old party (basically the old NRP, Mafdal), and the Tekuma and Otzma people. The former are people that are excellent decent people, but are quite mainstream in their politics (meaning not quite right wing). Certainly in favor of the business as usual socialism and very Likudnik in their position on land (say you want to give it away but try not to). These are not folks we would usually vote for when thinking of the free market conservative right wing.

The second wing of the list, is made up of more truly right wing characters. If that list was headed by the likes of Aryeh Eldad, Benny Elon and Rehavaam “Ghandi” Ze’evi like in the days of old (not so long ago really), count me in and count me first. These people on the list today are not Rafuls nor Zambishim. These people today are tier 2, class B.

The conservative right is an intellectual movement, which demands intellectual courage, logic, wisdom, knowledge and honor (honoring our heritage, ourselves and even sometimes our enemies), along with a good dose good humor to arrive at. It requires these things to strive for truth and what is right and proper, and not be swayed by the mainstream fallacies and platitudes of the day. I cherish that about our movement… it cannot be led by intellectual lightweights, people who we sort of agree with just because they are kind of crazy, rude and impulsive. It’s been a long time since I see such a weak list on the Otzma/Moledet/Tekuma/Herut side.

On the other hand, we have Moshe Feiglin. An officer and a veteran, a thinker, a courageous intellect and a gentleman. This is the right wing I know and love. Make no mistake, he is one of us, put aside the weed, to those not versed in freedom this difficult, but with this one stroke he turned thousands of votes that normally go towards the destruction of Israel into positive ones. He is not a pothead, he is a believer in freedom, including the freedom for you to be one if you are so inclined.

Now you think this will weaken the right and he could join a leftist coalition? It must be understood, this is a game of the two camps. If Gantz, and the other leftist parties together with the Arab parties reach 61 seats, they WILL make a government. Not even necessarily with the Arab parties, in fact most likely without them. The fact that they CAN is enough, they simply would tell other smaller parties such as a religious party or the Kahlons (Kulanu) that they would prefer them over the Arab parties “at least this way you can do some good as minister of x” and they would easily make the coalition.

In this situation I suppose it is possible that Feiglin would join them (though I highly doubt it), but it wouldn’t matter in any event, the left won. What should be clear is that if the right wing camp has 61 seats, Feiglin would NEVER defect to a left wing coalition. The fear of a leftist government being formed is no reason why NOT to vote for one of the most right wing parties, Zehut. Vote Likud, or right of it, and Bibi’s coalition will only be stronger, and more rightist.

In fact, it is much more probable that a Likud, who doesn’t like to feel as the leftist in their coalition (Bibi is used to begin called a fascist capitalist, and can handle it, but he hates being called a liberal/progressive/socialist/appeaser himself from his right flank) would form a “broad based” coalition with Blue and White (Gantz)… especially with people like “Bogie” Moshe Yaalon on the list (what in the world is he doing there?! Man he sure does take things personally! Very disappointing).

Remember, the Likud and Blue and White can always easily make the coalition together. Unlikely but more probable than Feiglin joining a leftist government when the entire right wing together has the 61 seats or more. So fear not… Feiglin is one of us, even more so than the people we are accustomed to, and one does not endanger the right by voting for him.

What is critical is the size of the camps. Will the Jews vote in a large enough majority on the right wing camp to overcome the Jewish minority that together with the Arab parties, could reach an overall majority. It is a high threshold we place on ourselves when many our enemies can vote along with us. The Zionist, religious and right wing parties must add up to 61 seats or more, and that is what matters most for our immediate survival.

For our long term survival… that’s a bit harder, we would probably need Zehut to get all 61 seats of the majority…


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