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Time to buy Italian bonds, yields soaring as market fears default. I believe there are still not enough leftists in the Italian parliamnet as it is (before an early election) to allow such a default. Especially because most of the creditors are Italians themselves.


Berlusconi is besieged… I would always normally be behind him, and usually love how he is able to show he has 9 times 9 lives as he beats elections, trials, indictments, votes of confidence and more, while shocking the media with his colorful statements reminiscent of a time long gone when leaders had more character… but as he cracked and betrayed Qadaffi (apparently to the Arab leader’s great dissapointment in his final days, as those captured with him are declaring), he too now stands surrounded by the traitors and wolves…


It is also of course a direct failure in his part to reign in the unions, and gigantic parasitic public sector which will always eventually bankrupt any state that gives them free reign.


He is lucky, that unlike the man he let down, his goverment’s collapse means he just gets to go home with his billions, and not that he gets his car bombed my NATO and then beat to death by packs of cowardly savages.


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3 Responses to Time to buy Italian bonds…and Berlusconi

  1. Erik says:

    ITLT 30% Up….by now

  2. Erik says:

    Minutes after reading my note… Berlusconi agreed to step down, and already the Bond market yields dropped, making my suggested move profitable almost immediately.

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