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The song and dance around death is sickening. The irresponsible bandwagon media, here in the form of the AP, apparently not thinking it was enough that the recognized leader of a country (one of the longest recognized leaders in the world) was captured alive, taunted, abused, lynched and murdered in the street without charge or trial, now must of course also state that he died a coward.


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SIRTE, Libya (AP) — Dragged from hiding in a drainage pipe, a wounded Moammar Gadhafi raised his hands and begged revolutionary fighters: “Don’t kill me, my sons.”



First of all, it is a FACT that it is very unclear so far what it is that happened. The only reason we can even believe that he is dead is due to the video. They have reported him, and all of his sons dead and/or caputred dozens of times. Due to the fact video has been seen only of Qadaffi and his son Motassin dead, no one can even confirm that the report that Saif (his other son) is wounded and captured, and there are many conflicting reports about that so far as well.

What we can believe with some certainty is what is seen on video and what NATO has said. That information is that Qadaffi’s convoy was blown up from the air and attacked by US and French forces. Apparently, Qadaffi was wounded but not killed in this attack.


From then on, there is 50 differing versions coming out of the Rebel army and their council that include admitting that “he was beat very badly by the rebels and killed.. This is war” to a half bakced attempt at escape from blame which states that Qadaffi was captured and being taken away when he was “crought in the crossfire” between his supporters and rebels where he was shot and killed (esenttialy saying his own supporters shot him). Other rebels have claimed his own guards shot him.

Basically, there are dozens of versions floating around, apparently so far the most reasonable concencus between them is that after a tenacious two month battle, in which NATO generals themselves have praised the courage and tenacity of the defenders of Sirte, Qadaffi and some of his men tried to break out in a convoy. NATO Air Forces attacked the convoy and killed dozens of men and blew up dozens of vehicles. The rebel forces then attacked the stopped convoy with heavy weapons.


APPARENTLY, then Qadaffi and his men ran from the scorched vehicles to a ravine (where there happens to be  drain pipe in the area) for cover, as military men do when being shot at. From there, there was resistance and a firefight, with some of the rebeles saying anti tank missiles and anti anti-aircraft guns were used agains the few remaining men. After many of them were wounded, including Qadaffi, the battle somehow ended and Qadaffi was captured alive, but wounded.


At some point after that, the video takes over where its clear he is abused, taunted, very wounded, and finally killed by shots to the chest and head.  As in bad shape as he is, he seems to be attempting to either struggle or fight back, or shout and say something back at the vicious pack of honor-less men killing him.


The first reports, said that during this time he was saying something like “whats wrong? or what do you want”. As the hours went by and the spinners did their work, this was turned into “Whats wrong? Don’t kill my sons” and finally “Don’t shoot please, Don’t kill me my sons”. The loyalist forces taking cover in the ravine or ditch on the side of the road turned conviniently into “he was hiding like a rat in a drainage pipe”  (because Qadaffi had accuratley caleld the rebels “rats” before).


The AP takes this finalized spin version and reports it as fact, no major media questioning anything, and now turning the lyched leader into a coward. Grandchildren, aids and friends already killed during the bombing campaing, now his eldest son Motassin also murdered (with an actual AP reporter stating that he saw cigarette burns on him), possibly Saif as well, and Qadaffi himself taunted, abused, beat and assasinated… the whole Qadaffi tribe decimated and roaring above the Western world’s pathetic applause (out of fear of the arab mob) is now their choir calling him a coward.


I challenge the boastful pundits and weak willed western leaders to claim if they would hold out against rebellion, mutinies, and the might of NATO upon your head as he did. We were not there in very the final moments, and I don’t know if he died brave or not, or if even at the very end all too human “weakening instict of self preservation” (as Patton called it) got the better of him and he even surrendered… what I do know is that the irresponsible media reporting his alleged cowardliness does not know either. And what IS known, is how unbelievably brave he had been up to this moment, and in between however it is that he got captured, and however it is that they shot him, though wounded, bleeding, 70 years old and surrounded by armed young men in an orgy of hate, he looks far from a coward. He looks like man, once proud, without wailing nor broken being lynched by a bunch of animals.



Maybe the AP should report that.

No not that about our civillian freedom loving rebel friends.


Maybe NATO should bomb Greece, I see their security forces are killing protesters.

Maybe NATO should bomb the US hippies in Wall street are being arrested and forcedly removed.


The lessons are there for our enemies and friends alike. The Kings of the Gulf states, the King of Jordan, Assad, this is your fate at the hand of your freedom loving peaceful citizens.


The Shah (who the US also betrayed and thus allowed Kohmeni to rule unmolested until now in Iran) once told reporters pressing him about why not be a King “like the King of Sweden”… (without autocratic powers etc is the implication). The Shah and answered “no problem”.. “When Iranians learn to behave like Swedes…  I will learn to behave like the King of Sweden”

Here is your proof, both the Shah, and Qadaffi understood the nature of some of the animals they ruled over. And we (the west) apparently is so afraid of the vicious pack, we will appease them at all costs until… they are lynching us at our front door. Will the AP still applaude then?

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