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In addition to these earlier social media posts, I would like to share the following posts in the Lighthouse.

The PA (though Fatah’s Al-Aqsa Brigades) threatened Israeli government ministers after one of their own suffered a fatal heart attack while attending a protest against the IDF. Claiming they would “respond in kind”, after the death of Ziad Abu Ein. Abu Ein was indicted (actually the first person to be extradited from the US, where he had fled, to Israel) for a 1979 terrorist attack in Tiberias where a bomb killed two Isreli youths, 16-year-olds Boaz Lahav and David Lankri as well as injuring 36 others.

Though after he was extradited to Israel in 1981, he was sentenced to life in prison, he was soon released in 1985 as part of the Jibril prisoner exchange deal. In the 1985 deal made with Ahmed Jibril’s PFLP-GC 1,150 Arabs were released by Israel in exchange for three IDF soldiers, Yosef Grof, Nissim Salem and Hezi Shai that were captured in the first Lebanon War. Sheikh Ahmed Yasin, who went on to found and lead the now notorious Hamas was also released in the deal (and ultimately killed by an Israeli strike). Many of 1,150 proved to be the backbone of the First Intifada which broke out in 1988.

The deal made under Shimon Peres, was stunning in that it was made even before the abhorrent Oslo Accords and the amnesty they provided to many of the terrorist groups under the PLO umbrella.

Some reports, place Abu Ein as having been part of Abu Nidal’s mercurial organization, the “Bin Laden and al-Qaeda” of the 80’s. In recent years, rather than rot in jail due to his crimes, Abu Ein has been busy being an elder-whiner in less violent staged confrontations with the IDF where, armed with a slew of foreign volunteers from leftist organizations, and surrounded by cameras and journalists, they berate, shove, annoy, shout at and spit at IDF soldiers in order to provoke them into physical responses which now recorded, are broadcast out of context throughout the world.

It was during one such confrontation where Abi Ein, over exerted himself in his protesting, or was overwhelmed by fear, that he collapsed and died.

I posted:

“respond in kind” ??

Does that mean that if any of our ministers murder two innocent teenagers intentionally, and then stand in front of armed Hamas or Fatah thugs whining, they (the thugs) will actually not hurt them in any way… but rather wait for them to collapse of a heart attack?

That would certainly mark a drastic change of policy for the PA. Thanks for the heads up guys!


About the Sony hacking affair (related to the “Interview”), I posted:

Not too long ago, breaking the Japanese for starters involved two atomic bombs detonated in major cities and the threat of complete nuclear annihilation….

‪#‎Sony‬ has shown us that today it takes a couple of hacker dweebs….no not threatening to hack… but after having already hacked threatening to come over and beat you up.

Of course, sony will continue its sorry ping pong appeasement, and after having immediately broken at the might of the hacker geeks, shortly thereafter succumbing to Al Sharpton and his extorting whiners, Sony will now undoubtedly break again to the pressure of the public being pissed off at their fantastic surrender, and go ahead and release ‪#‎theinterview‬ in some form or another.

I tend to hate calls to boycott companies… but sony now really deserves one for sucking so bad. maybe other hackers will leak the film to the public.. would serve them right.

Japan opened itself up to degenerating weakness when it chose to be friends with, if not part of, the west. The West is afflicted with an emaciating disease… a malady that seems to be harmless to those that challenge the west as they grow ever bolder in their encroachments; the Islamic world, The Russian bear, the Asian communist block..

It seems Japan has erred in being friends with the West… the clear message is that not only will the west not stand by Japan, but rather it will just demand the continuous infection of weakness that has become the hallmark of the once proud heritage that throughout history was a light unto the nations and the hope of mankind… the western world.

Shortly after this post, Sony caved in again (now to popular pressure) as predicted, and announced it would release “The Interview”. Reading liberals is easy.

Finally, on Dec 16th I posted the following:

“Time to buy #rubles fast…”

By the 26th when I posted again on the subject, recommending to sell,  the Ruble had appreciated about 30% against the US dollar. With normal Forex leverage, and/or options, anyone who took the advise had a very nice New Year’s present… an incredible return in just a few short days.

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