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Some of the more poignant social media posts I made recently below for your enjoyment and commentary:

Posted after the Martin Place terrorist hostage crisis (Dec 14 2014):

I call on ‪#‎Australia‬ to end the futile cycle of violence… and hand over the Timor Gap, as well as other occupied waters to the Muslim Indonesian government… in exchange for peace, of course.

The occupation cannot go on. True, most of Australia’s land was forcibly taken from Aborigines, and not Muslims, but apparently they (Aborigines) do not blow themselves up nor shoot hostages. Therefore, the land must be handed over to Indonesia.

In order for a comprehensive peace, I also call for Australia to stop issuing permits for expansion of the settlements (towns where non-Muslim Australians live), evict the European Christian setters from the outback and the coasts… and additionally for the handing of Perth over to Qatar, in order to appease Al-Jazera.

Australia cannot continue to occupy lands that Muslims desire for themselves, and attempt to retain them by military forces that uphold law and order within those lands… These military forces are holding back external threats from overrunning Australia, and deterring internal threats from destroying stability, security and the rule of law within her borders. This must stop. The violence cannot go on.


Only a day or two later, Pakistan suffered a major terror attack in the Peshawar School Massacre, where at least 132 children (in addition to adult casualties) were murdered by members of the Pakistani Taliban (Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan).  I posted:

A few days ago, I called upon ‪#‎Australia‬ to hand over large portions of its territory to Muslim rule, in order to stem the cycle of violence. We must have peace.

It is clear also, that ‪#‎Pakistan‬ must also hand over its territory to Muslims, as the violence cannot continue. The situation here might seem more complex, since Pakistan is already a muslim state. And so should already be at peace.

However, this is western confusion. Not all ‪#‎muslim‬ jurisdictions are equal. Sufis, salafists, shiites, sunnis, alawites, wahabis not to mention ethnicities, tribes and more… A country under attack, muslim or not, specifically terrorist attack, must always hand over its territory to a more badass muslim group, for peace.

In this case it is clear pakistan must relinquish control of waziristan and the tribal areas to start with.
Usually, the western media will refer to attacks within a muslim state as having been perpetrated by “freedom protesters” within the “Arab spring”…( turned to the arab winter is coming….), but sometimes, like when hundreds of children are murdered, there is little choice but to call it a terrorist attack.

But “freedom protest” or terrorist attack, the course of action is clear… the unruly islamic mobs must always be appeased… and western governments must insist that regimes crumble at their hands for a wholesale change of jurisdiction, or at least there be major territorial concessions…

If we are to have peace, we must… at all costs surrender to the bloodthirsty enemy… sure we may complain from time to time that he is “very mean”… but the political course is clear… surrender, withdrawal, appeasement… only these courageous tools can lead us to peace.

most of all it is important to always repeat that though the territorial concessions must be given to muslims at large, the attacks are carried out by a small number of deeply devout and religious muslims who apparently know nothing about their own religion…

as any westerner knows without ever having seen a koran, read one word of hadith, entered a mosque, or even speaking a word of arabic, Islam without doubt, is a religion of peace.

Dismayed at the ever increasing weakness we display, I harked back to the mighty decade that was the 80’s and our then fearless leader, and posted:

In Thousands of pages and hours I have failed to convey what this man delivered in a couple of minutes…

And It is a simple answer after all.

Warning: Remaining a leftist, commi, vegan, socialist, progressive or tree hugging saracen after watching this short clip requires either indomitable will, absence of a soul or a complete suspension of disbelief.

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