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Early chatter can of course be wrong, and people of all sorts of political bends are busy making fake news… but if accurate, it looks like yet another piece of garbage walked in and shot everyone (when again, he was the only armed person present), and not surprisingly, he looks like another self-absorbed, shrink engrossed, hypocritical, self-hating depressed atheist gothish commi liberal progressive loser….

Every time there is a mass shooting, the left is out there hoping (and claiming) that the culprit is a conservative who just walked out of a church and shot everyone. The church they make-believe in their poor imaginations, one more likely to exist in a low budget horror flick.

They amazingly never get discouraged in their search. Well this time, back in reality, the progressive actually went into a real life church and shot a lot of actual real nice people there, including children.

His Facebook page was quickly taken down, but here is a couple of screen shots that were taken in time, plus his (apparently his) linked-in page which is still up.

we need stringent #progessivecontrol to stop the violence now.

#sutherlandsprings #sutherlandspringsshooting #devinkelley

Note: Any confusion about the air force reference, rest assured just a jobnik.


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