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The lefties are out there again disgustingly hoping as usual that the mass shooter at #mandalaybayshooting was a white, conservative, church-going man. He never is. As always, he is either a muslim or a liberal/progressive secular loser whose feelings got hurt.

Sad to see what can happen when you disarm hundreds of good folks (a great many of who, being at a country concert, own guns) and leave the bad guy armed who I am assuming, caring little for the strict anti-murder-everyone laws, would care much for tougher gun regulations.

But to no avail, this incident, like all others before it, will be used by the left to help take any remaining freedoms away from the people. Even while attacks happen at the same time in Europe (there usually not by either a muslim or an offended hippie, it’s just a muslim), in countries with total gun control… and while they happen in Israel with greater frequency (also only by muslims), and BH to a much lesser casualty count as a more armed populace (at least in Jerusalem if not Tel-Aviv) quickly takes out any would be mass murdering terrorists before they mass anything.

Also nice to see how many of these good folks at the concert reacted, a great many helping each other, and many with a calm most people would not have in similar situations.

Other crowds may have caused more casualties stampeding to the door than the shooter.


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