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Republicans press Obama to send more troops to Afghanistan

The tables have turned, with a Democratic Obama leading (badly) an increasingly unpopular war that is increasingly going badly. Obama has chosen to intensify rather than wind down the 9 year old Afghan conflict and what do Republicans do??

Criticize the US presence in a war they were in favor of starting back then (just like Democrats were for Iraq)??? Scream surrender, withdrawal, pull out, defeat??… which would all make the President look bad, and increase poll points for the Republican party.

No. They press the president to do the utmost to protect the troops, and pressure him to win, as opposed to lose which he endorsed for 7 years while the wars were under Bush. They want victory and for the soldiers to all come back alive, both events that if occur, would be credited to the president and give Democrats in general giant boost in popularity.

Why then? For the same reasons they are Republicans as opposed to Democrats.

They chose patriotism over politics, truth over popularity, individual responsibility over society’s blanket, and the often lonesome, hated and trying path of conservatism over the much easier, loved and false, “save the whales, save the snails” path to power.

Shame to those Democrats who for years under George W, loved every headline of GI casualties or war tragedy in order to bash him, and forgot both their nation and their soldiers. Oh, and lest I forget… Shame on Olmert.


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