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Today, Obama executed the first correct move of his administration while marking the end of the combat mission in Iraq.

During his speech, he correctly paid tribute to George W as a “Patriot”.

Bush is a patriot, and Obama is now enjoying one of the very few things going right presently with America, a Victory given to him by the blood and guts of American warrios and George W who refused to be defeated while everyone (including Obama) demanded they should.

While he enjoys this victory, which he did nothing to reverse during his term as he had previously promised (pulling out of Iraq, closing Guantanamo, etc) and even kept Bush’s capable Defense Minister Gates, he is also suffering continuous defeats in his war of choice that he so eagerly campaigned for and has now expanded in Afghanistan. There, things are going from bad to worse very quickly, and I don’t know if Obama has the wherewithal, guts, perseverence and capacity to see it through to victory.


Meanwhile, perhaps noting his job is not as easy as he thought, that his promises and criticisms have been blown away with the wind, he had the courtesy of noting something he now knows to be true: George W Bush is an Amaerican patriot.


When Obama breaks habit, and does anything right, I will not be ashamed to admit it.


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