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ALGIERS: al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb on Sunday claimed responsibility for deadly twin suicide attacks in Algeria, accusing the regime there of supporting Moamer Qadhafi in neighbouring Libya.


Well, it is good to know that if Algeria wishes to standy by its neighbors’ long time government, a partner in maintaining stability, and combating illegal drugs, illegal immigration, terrorism and islamic extremism (ie Qadaffi) when facing insurrection fueled by internal and external forces, then Al Qeada will quickly come to NATO’s aid in punishing it for standing in the way of Islamic revolution, brought to you by NATO bombs.


Within one or two days of the Libyan rebels declaring Algeria a hostile entity for aiding Qaddafi troops (and taking in some of the family members including Qdaffi’s daughter who reportedly was giving birth at the border without medical attention), Al Qeada attacked Algiers, brother-in-arms with the islamic mob taking over Libya and NATOs forces helping them do it. While NATO can do just fine blowing up Libya’s army and soldiers to bits (in order to “save civillian lives”), its more beurocratic structure would be cumbersome and slow to secure a mandate to bomb Algiers as well, so the more nimble Al Qaeda, who can cut throough red tape much faster, quickly stepped up the attacs across the border without too much regard to laws and mandates.


It is not just Al Qeada of course that backs the rebels of course, its the Shia militias killing US soldiers in Iraq (not to mention an Iraqi Hizballa that in the recent days bombed Kuwait), just about every islamic terror group on earth, and of coruse Iran who funds most of them and vows to anhiliate Israel as it tries to openly attempt to secure Nuclear technology. Qadaffi after all, pursued and hunted these terrorists in conjucntion with the CIA, and he voluntarily invited UN inspectors to dispose of any WMD program, he honored European oil and natural gas contracts… oh but wait, the rebels said they would honor those as well.. then all is fine then, let the bombs fall and the suicide bombers march… together, NATO and Al Qeada can ensure Qadaffi’s fall and a chaotic libya.


Now.. war makes strange bedfellows, and there is no absolutes about this (England and the Jews stopped their fighting during WWII to fight Hitler, only to resume afterwards and eventually getting in 48 to Independent Israel), but who is on your side, and you is agasint you is definitely at least a telling part of the story of which road you are on.

Rabin was murdered by a Jew while Rehavaam Zeevi, may he rest in peace, was murdered by an Arab.


Complexities aside… I know that when the President was George W, Al Qeada and NATO were not high fiving each other as they tag teamed former allies.


3 Responses to NATO and Al Qeada fighting side by side?

  1. Erik says:

    Ironic new Development: “Washington (CNN) — Disturbed by the news that Moammar Gadhafi’s wife and three children, along with some grandchildren, were able to flee over the Libyan border to Algeria in spite of a U.N. travel ban…” the US is “reviewing” Algeria’s decision… I guess if they don’t watch out, they will bomb them too and support the Al Qeada fighters on the ground…

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