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Western Media reported that one Qadaffi son, (the footlabll player I think) Said, is trying to surrender while  Saif (the leading regime figure and second eldest son) has vowed to fight to the death…

Hakim Belhadj, the rebel commander in Tripoli, who of course was detaiend in 2003 by the CIA in Malaysia for leading a terror group and having links to Al Qaeda, reported that Said had called him asking to negotiate a surrender and guarantees of his safety.

The image apparently trying to be created is of turmoil between the brothers, and though I am sure there is plenty of pressure, I don’t think that is what is happening. Just one or two days ago, the same son tried offered to lead talks with the rebel about a transitional goverment which were rejected. When reading more details into the pruported statemtents of negotiating a surrender, one can see the offer was actually to “join” the movement of the people against the regime. It lokos like two sides of the same coin, the Qadaffis are trying to see if they can get one of the sons in teh new goverment. Said is relatively “clean” as far accusations of crimes. Either himself privately, or as a concerted plan between the whole regime, he was negotiating something more complex than his simple surrender with the Rebels, and they were listening. If they could not accept direct talks, tehn they might accept his “joining” which guarantees no arrest or prosecution. After that, who knows what surprises Qadaffi is planning, he knows time is his friend, and he simply has to outlast the NATO planes over Libya to be able to retake it.. or at least to form some sort of war of attrition or insurrection in the South. With time, anyhting is possible.

Meanwhile, Saif’s call makes it clear the fight goes on, and he stated emphatically that no one is surrenderign who is loyal to the regime.

As far as our islamic extremist Rebel Commander in Libya (fast becoming the leading figure in the revolt as he calls press conferences, “leads from teh front” as in personal control of most of the capital), he was head of the terror group LIFG, outlawed by the Western World for links with Al Qeada afer 911. He was a veteran of the war agaisnt the Soviets in Afganistan (like Bin Laden and so many of today’s Jihadists) and battled Qdaffis regime for years calling for the establishment of an Islamic State. After the CIA hunted him down and interrogated him, he was handed over to the Qadaffi regime (who was an ally on the war on terror). The CIA had in fact praised the intelligence gleaned by Libyan authorities from such terror suspects.

Ironically, it is the same al-Saif who was the darling of the Western media in 2008, as he spoke in polished English, clothes, and promised reforms and business opportunities in Libya (to everyone’s delight), who arranged for Hakim’s release from Libyan prison together with hundreds of others terror suspects. He did this though some Hakim had tried to assasinate his fatehr Muammar Qadaffi back in 1996.

Though Hakim promised talks, reconcilliation and peace with the regime as part of the conditions of his release, he placed himself and his terror group at the orders of the Rebel council at the outset of the uprising. A core group of about 600 LIFG Islamists spearheaded the attack on Tripoli, which led to Hakim securing control over the capital.

Since the LIFG has a long and somewhat complicated history with Al Qeada including letters between such notable Al Qaeda terrorists as Zawahiri,  Abu Yaha al Libi and Abu Laith al Libi, and the LIFG leadership, they decided to change their name to the Libyan Islamic Movement (from the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group).

The UK made being simply  a member of LIFG punishable by 10 years prison, and the US has outlawed and hunted down the group since after 911. Even the UN embargoed several members and corporations affiliated with LIFG in 2006.

Being outlawed as a terror group  by the US, the UK, the UN, and other Western coutnries of course, does nothing to stop NATO planes from supporting them agaisnt a goverment which was a declared friend in the very war against such terror groups.  Al Qeada bombing Algeria after receiving members of Qadaffi’s family now makes a bit more sense since Tripoli itself is under Al Qeade command, backed by NATO planes and special forces.  Saif Qadaffi made the mistake of extending a level of kindness to these terrorists and free them, as they now attempt to hunt him and his family down… for sure not to free him in return. Reports of the Libyan rebels arming fellow terror groups in Gaza with sophisticated AA and AT weapons have surfaced. From Libya to the Sinai, there is now growing Islamic chaos and no central govts capable of control and stability. Perhaps the west will yet be forced to a showdown agaisnt the very monster it is helping to create.

Though the odds are immensely stacked against them, with the Jihadist world AND the western world descending down upon them, betrayed by coerced and bribed officials from within, chased by the SAS and the CIA, the Lions of the Qadaffi family fight on, days and weeks after the pundits and leaders of the world continuously declared the fight over and done with.  Perhaps patriots of Lybia and its tribes will come around and fight to to expel the socialist rabble, the Jihadist terrorists, and the foreign invadors from ravaging the cuontry. If not, I hope Qadaffi and his family can face the end with the bravery they have shown so far, for History will judge these events far more clearly than the drunken lunacy that is today’s Western foreign policy and  how they meet that end is always teh most important part of the chapter.


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  1. Erik says:

    It appears, Qadaffi’s spokesman Ibrahim Moussa, reads my posts. Today, he echoed that the Tripoli Commander backed by NATO ruling Tripoli is an Al Qeada agent and that “NATO can go and explain that we are just trying to play the al Qaeda card against them,” Ibrahim said. “But soon enough they will see that our warnings should have been heeded.” This of course, as reams of intelligence papers are coming out that show the close level of cooperation between western intelligence services and the Qaddafi government.

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