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Watching coverage of the latest carnage the West suffered at the hands of Muslim terrorists is even more troubling than the terrorist acts themselves.

This is so because the coverage only indicates that there will be much more death in the future.

The coverage mostly surrounds “Why Paris, why France?” .. and the “expert pundits” desperately try to depict France as actually hard-line in the anti-terror and anti-muslim spheres in order to show why the terrorists have chosen Paris as the target. So France is actually too extreme in its battle against Islam, and this is why it has been targeted; incredible!

Nothing could be further from the truth. No one “picked” France. The reason there are from 100 to 150 murdered people in Paris in a series of violent terrorist attacks in the last couple of days is because France and Paris are full of Muslims.

To be more precise, France is full of Muslims and still has many non Muslims.

And to be even more thorough, France has many Muslims, many non Muslims and/or Muslims who substantially disagree (ie Sunni and Shiites).

Countries with substantial Muslim populations, and substantial non Muslim (or substantial disagreeing Muslim) population will suffer from repeated acts of terrorism during the current age.


This is the simple truth. And the more that the substantial non Muslim population placates and appeases the Muslim population, the more attacks there will be. France is at the very forefront of Muslim and Arab appeasement, and has been so for decades. This not only emboldens the terrorists, but invites the traditional Muslim population to hold the country in disdain and hatred.

Though the western leftist and liberal love the Muslim and all the traits they would otherwise hate in their countrymen (like gender roles, traditionalism and the like), it is not mutual… and the religious islamist sees the appeasement, the tolerance, the moral relativism and the openness of the society not only as a sign of weakness but also of moral decay. This causes our enemy to believe not only that we should be destroyed, but that we are already on the brink of this destruction.

As for the readiness for France and its society to handle armed terrorism, everything that held true during the Charlie Hebdo attacks which I wrote about, then and much earlier, continue to hold true. It is shameful. And more damning evidence for the leftist gun control advocates in the US

It seems like the West will continue to happily keep marching blindly to its end, chanting that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance (whose most observant followers apparently obviously know nothing about), all the way to the gallows or the chopping block.




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