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Erik Voter Guide for California


Not being a US citizen, I of course do not vote in the US, but am glad to advise those who wish to do their patriotic duty.


Prop 19 –  No (mild no, it would be funny to see what would happen if it passed, since pot  remains Federally prohibited, and the assertions about taxing it and regulating it are lies, since states, counties and local governments cannot tax, license and encourage the sale of federally illegal substances. You could have federal indictments of whole local governments).


Prop 20 –  Yes


Prop 21  –  No


Prop 22 – Yes (debatable)


Prop 23 – Yes


Prop 24 – No


Prop 25 – No


Prop 26 – Yes


Prop 27 – No


Governor:  Ugly choice. Probably Dale Ogden would be best. Being that he is unlikely to win (by a self perpetuating cycle of people believing a 3rd party candidate is unlikely to win thus not voting for them), Meg is probably slightly better than Jerry brown. However, Meg is likely to be very similar to Arnold, thus, not being able to change much, and thus almost assuring a Democrat victory after her. Ca is in such bad shape that the governor is pretty helpless since all a state govt really is, is  a budget, rules and regulations. All of those are controlled by a huge Democrat majority. A governor does not have foreign policy or an army like a President. He is at the mercy of the assembly. Arnold can’t even turn on the water that was shut off by federal commis that dried up some of the most productive Ag. land in the world. All dust, thousands lost their land, and jobs, and he cannot even turn the water back though he wants to.

So, Brown is more likely to push CA passed the brink in collusion with the unions, and actually bankrupt CA. After this, it could actually usher a new great era in the backlash and with the voidong of all the pension and union contracts.


Lt Governor:


Pamela Brown (Maldonado betrayed his fellow republicans and his no new taxes pledge)


US Senate:


Carly Fiorina


Secretary of State


Hardest choice on the ballot. Damon Dunn’s story is inspiring, from poverty in the inner city to success in business and politics as a Black Republcan. Has most definitely earned votes. Unfortunately, he is running against an ancient Merton Short in the American Independent ticket, a Navy pilot commissioned in WWII who served all the way through Vietnam.  A patriot, and a defender of the Constitution, he takes the vote from the otherwise very deserved Damon Dunn.


Merton D Short




Andy Favor




Robert Lauten


Attorney General


Steve Cooley (Timothy Hanna is ok as well)


Insurance commissioner


Mike Viillines


Superintendent of public instruction


Larry acevs (very reluctantly) or write in candidate Diane Lenning


Board of Equalization:


District 1

Kevin Scott

District 2

George Runner

District 3

Michelle steele

District 4




Ming William Chin  Yes

Carlo Mreno – No


Tan Cantil – Yes



2nd Appeal District, Division 1


Robert M. Mallano  No


Victoria G. Chaney – Yes


Jeffrey W. Johnson – Yes


2nd Appeal District, Division 2


Judith M. Ashmann-Gerst – No


Walter Croskey – Yes


2nd Appeal District, Division 4


Steven Suzukawa – Yes


Orville “Jack” Armstrong – Yes


Paul H. Coffee – Yes


Steven Z. Perren – No


Laurie D. Zelon – No


Frank Y. Jackson – Yes


2nd Appeal District, Division 8


Tricia A. Bigelow – Yes




Office Number 28


Randy Hammock (Superior Court Referee) – Yes (reluctant)


Office Number 117


Alan Schneider


Office Number 136




Los Angeles County Assessor


Jon Y Wong


US Representatives


District 46

Dana Rohrabacher


District 30 (includes the valley, calabasas etc)

Charles Wilkerson


State Assembly


District 41

Terry Rathbun



There are of course many districts, and special local propositions and local offices… if anyone want a specific opinion on anything not listed, feel free to request.

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