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You guys ever hear, “hey, mind your tongue, there are ladies present”… or “watch your language in front of the lady..” ? Back before we all got confused and castrated…

This would have been a common thing to hear in the rare case of a man speaking lewdly in front a lady. Today, while the latter is extremely common, the former in response not so much. In any case, there was a reason that saying didn’t go.. “hey, mind your manners in front of me, another guy.. lest I get offended”.

Guys, as anyone who has lived on earth knows, can speak lewdly in private to each other. exaggerate, Bragg, “shoot the shit”… some locker room banter. not all men of course, but most in our society, and some in different degrees and styles than others. women some may be surprised, can also speak in ways they would not want repeated in public. and that is the point… public vs private.

We speak in front of our elders, our young, our men, our women, our rabbis and priests, and our high school buddies differently. very differently, as it should be. comrade-dists don’t like differences i know.. but our ancient ways do thankfully. what is offensive, and unbecoming of a gentleman is to repeat (re-play) a lewd and private meaningless lockeroom banter between men in front of a nation, of old and young, men and women.

an irrelevant, meaningless, publicly inappropriate, and private talk between men should not be reproduced for the public arena it was never meant for… this is not for example telling voters one thing, while in private telling donors or special interests something else… that would be relevant (as ironically surfaced about the same day regarding hillary in a speech to bankers, when nbc who owned the tape for 11 years, decided to suddenly release it). There is no facts coming to light, nor revelations even about character.. there is nothing here but the inappropriate publication of private meaningless guy smack, ironically leading to potentially infinitely meaningful consequences… least of which is the ruin of a political career of a guy naively thinking he was talking a big game in private, and more importantly the change of destinies of a nation on the brink of decline along with an entire western civilization.

can the fate of a nation and history really come down to the published gossip of such a nothing? if that truly can create such change, what does that say about the voters, and democracy itself?

A change not on substance or merit, not on reason nor rhyme, but on sneaky and sleazy publication of private language never meant fit for public consumption. Which if done to any of us… well, let him throw the first stone…

the real offense is to offer such language in public, in front of children or women. which in this case the media is guilty of, and no one else. we hear feminists today decry such sensitivities often. So in either case, let us be honest… if women be as “equal” (leftist for “identical”) to men as they say… then this language is as acceptable to women as it is to men… or as acceptable and non-offensive as it would be in reverse (women talking about how “hot” some guy is and wanting him..) and it shows nothing more than physical desire that can as freely flow the other way around.

and if we live back in reality where that is not the case… then this is a private conversation among men, which as we know can vary, sometimes be politics, philosophy, sports or business, and yes sometimes this type of nonsense (meant more to build, cement, test a relationship between the speakers or to impress one another, or simply pass the time, more than anything regarding the subject matter and has often little to no connection with the truth or reality of it); and what would be rude, offensive, hurtful, unjust, and inappropriate is to reproduce such a private lewd meaningless banter, to prime time public consumption.

It has always been considered inappropriate to show or speak certain subject matter in front of certain audiences… not that such subject matter exists altogether in the first place. Think of who has broken these rules, to what end, and where the blame has naturally fallen?


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