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Earlier today, FBI Director James Comey sent a letter to leading Republican and Democratic congressmen, stating what has been reported as “re-opening” the investigation into the Hillary Email server.

The letter sent by Comey below:



FBI Director James Comey to Congress

Coverage since this was announced has been furious, and the speculation rampart. The mainstream media has tried to focus on the fact that it is unthinkable for the FBI to inject itself into an election a mare 11 days out from an election. Others are noting that for Director Comey to come out and do this, after the criticism he received in July, must mean there are very significant revelations in the new evidence which do not bode well for Hillary.

Rush Limbaugh, who has excellent instincts, suggested that this may all be smoke and mirrors in order to deflect attention to the Wikileaks revelations (mostly coming from the Hillary campaign chair John Podesta emails, I have an “in progress” piece on that) that are just now finally to get some traction in the mainstream media.

Rush usually knows what he is talking about, and this very well may be, but I am inclined to think something else is going on here. In order to see that, one need only be aware of two things; first the nature of the hearings Comey was subjected to in front of the House, specifically two sessions of about 4 hours in front of the House Judiciary Committee and House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

and secondly, the recent reporting of disappointed, demoralized and/or furious FBI agents who perceive the investigation into Hillary was bungled or intentionally dropped. Rudy Giuliani, someone with experience and contacts in the FBI has been telling us that.

Key to the situation is watching Comey in the hearings. There was something very strange happening all along, starting in July when he expressed the fact that Hillary was in fact guilty of breaking the law, and “extremely reckless” in her handling of classified material, but was recommending not to indict her.

There are a few possibilities here of course, and they range from Comey purposely having expressed Hillary’s guilt in that July press conference as a protest against DOJ instructions not to indict in order to sow the seeds of the investigations that would inevitably follow, to him simply bungling it up, and further to include him in the intentional cover up against his own rank-and-file agents.

Having watched many people, good and bad, sit through being grilled by congress, Comey behaved very differently than most. He seemed to be very sensitive, specifically to the idea that he may have “backed down”, or succumbed to political pressure. He states over and over that he may have been a fool, he may have bungled the investigation, but to put it crudely, he is no punk. He also seemed to not be intimidated by any of the members (so why should he be intimidated by the DOJ?).

Watching his testimony leads to believe he was deeply affected by the hearings, and by what FBI members below him are saying, and that he had to prove to everyone above and below him that he was no punk. He saw his chance and took it, basically leading the FBI into open revolt against the Obama DOJ and Obama administration in general. His cards played, he better win.

Let us however take a step back and organize the possible scenarios. Comey’s motivations could range from:

  • Simply covering his own behind, knowing that having entered the public election discourse by implying that the investigation was closed, he must disclose to Congress if anything material changed (as he promised under oath in those hearings). Whether Trump or Hillary wins, had he withheld material information here before the election there would be hell to pay, especially since the House will remain in GOP hands in either event.
  • Having regretted the bungled investigation and/or succumbing to political pressure from the DOJ and Whitehouse, he now seeks redemption for himself and his beloved FBI, in open revolt against the DOJ.
  • Having no choice due to events happening within the FBI and/or other agencies that may take actions or leak information in the coming days about Clinton related investigations.

plus of course other scenarios. The key to understanding which scenario is more likely lies in the nature of the “excuse” or reason given for the expanded investigation and disclosure to congress. Although Comey does not mention it, news outlets have been confident in reporting that it is related to a laptop or other device(s) seized from the well known scumbag, Anthony Weiner. Weiner, besides being a typical socialist progressive Democrat politically, is also a serial sexual offender who can’t seem to stop himself from “sexting” under-aged girls all the time, even while married to Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s long time “right hand man”.

Bungled Investigation

Without getting into too much detail, the original investigation had some very troubling details, top among them was that no grand jury was convened, and the FBI, without subpoena or warrant powers, conducted the so called investigation into Hillary’s emails and private unsecured server by giving all the main players immunity deals. “Deals” is of dubious accuracy, as Americans well know, immunity deals are given in exchange for something, usually information or testimony on a bigger fish. In a case like this, they tend to include “flipping” against the bigger fish or boss, which would mean the Hillary inner circle, Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills, John Podesta and others, turning against Hillary to save themselves from prosecution.

These people aren’t Oliver North, and HRC is not Ronald Reagan, “flipping” would be widespread and easy… AS LONG as you don’t hand out immunity to this entire inner circle before they gave you anything. Besides many such incredible details that have come out about the so-called investigation, most troubling to me is the fact that at least some of the immunity deals such as the one given Cheryl Mills, include language that not only extremely limits which information the FBI will look at contained in her laptop (including very limited dates, subject matter, and the like) but also destroy the laptop after it has looked at it!

This is blatant hiding of evidence, and incredibly recruits the very FBI that is supposed to investigate Hillary’s destruction of evidence in finishing the job for her. No subsequent investigation will be able to look at material outside the convenient scope the agreement spells out, because the evidence will have been destroyed. We do not know how many immunity deals precisely were given, and how much evidence was actually destroyed but reports indicate at least 5 such similar deals handed out to Hillary staff, without anyone giving anything in return (other than their laptops which a real investigation would take anyway).

No one could be convicted of anything with these types of games. This in a country where more people per capita are convicted than in any other western country on earth, and a country which houses 25% of the world prison population! The FBI knows how to put people in prison, and this is not how they do it. Double standard would be an understatement.

This leads me to believe that the DOJ very actively and consciously made a farce of the investigation and was never prepared to prosecute Hillary, no matter the evidence against her. The FBI probably did not like this, but Comey answers to Obama’s Department of Justice (DOJ), headed by Obama appointee Loretta Lynch who was assured by HRC that she would keep her at her post should she be elected (an incredible conflict of interest if the shady meeting with Bill Clinton on a tarmac in Arizona was not enough), and she answers to Barak Hussein Obama.

Loretta Lynch, stated she would recuse herself from the investigation after knowledge of the meeting with Bill Clinton was released, but she obviously has not, and she has continued to stonewall the FBI’s investigation.

Because of all this, my guess is that Comey, either by not paying enough attention to the detail of the investigation, or by outright political pressure from the DOJ and the Whitehouse, caved the first time around, and is looking for redemption. However, no matter how strong his desire for redemption was, nor the desire to seek out the truth and justice of his FBI agents, having given out those immunity deals, having (hopefully not) destroyed evidence for hillary per those agreements, having announced not recommending indictment, and having a DOJ that refuses to support an investigation and to convene a grand jury, there was not much that Comey could do.

The Weiner Angle

Enter the Weiner evidence. Without getting into too much speculation there, since anything is possible with this scumbag, including the possibility that he approached the FBI with this “insurance” of incriminating information he purposely had on Clinton, the key to Comey’s thinking lies in the nature of this “new” evidence. It appears to me that through sheer circumstance, the Weiner evidence ESCAPED the cover up since it was part of an earlier and separate investigation.

The team of FBI agents handling these sexual crimes against minors had nothing to do with the Hillary investigation and the evidence held for that investigation could not possibly be destroyed by immunity deals being handed out like candy for the Hillary investigation. So, the evidence having been preserved, and incredibly surviving the DOJ cover up, is now ready to be used against Hillary.

If the evidence in this device alone, from an unrelated person, is strong enough to make Comey make this statement, imagine what the evidence would yield from the laptops of Cheryl Mills, Neera Tanden, John Podesta, Huma Abedin, and others without restrictions and immunity deals. Imagine if the FBI actually could have gotten the Hillary server before she used BleachBit to wipe it clean! But in a weird twist of fate, in this crazy election, it might be the evidence in this perv’s laptop that is enough to bring the whole house of cards down.

However, I am weary of knowing how pertinent the information on it because there are two possible natures to the evidence. If Comey really wanted to lead the FBI on a revolt to redeem itself from the stain of corruption it suffered under DOJ corruption, the Weiner device maybe no more than “an excuse” to announce what Comey announced.

Perhaps he hopes there is at least enough there to break the immunity deals given to Hillary staffers, and that will be enough to reinvigorate the investigation, make people turn, etc etc. The hope would be that those deals are bustable, for example due to lying, based on evidence recovered from the Weiner laptop.

Furthermore, you can always count on these people’s incompetence. When they say they “destroyed” this, and “erased” that, one must remember that these people don’t do anything themselves. Hillary couldn’t delete 33 thousand emails nor use BleachBit nor break devices with a hammer if her life depended on it. They are people who are used to order people to do things who themselves order others to do things. So there is always hope that somewhere in that chain, things were not destroyed, but kept, intentionally or unintentionally. We may yet see parts of the 33,000 emails, and hopefully the FBI did not actually yet destroy the laptops reported as having been destroyed.

The other alternative is that nothing like this was going on. That Comey did not mean to this at all, but literally had no choice to the nature of the evidence; meaning that the Weiner evidence in the hands of incorruptible unrelated FBI investigators was itself simply enough and convincing. That even if Comey had wanted to, he could not ignore it.

So in either event, things look bad for Hillary. Either Comey and the FBI are coming hard to get her, in open revolt to the corrupt DOJ, and Obama, or they didn’t want to but the new evidence against her is overwhelming, and the result in both cases can be the same.

The reason that I lean towards Comey leading an FBI revolt, is the Elephant in the Room. Wikileaks. What has constantly come out in those emails probably has shown the FBI how much Hillary and her staff lied, and it has also shed light on some very disturbing sings of outright corruption.

Comey’s number two, recently so quickly promoted, was revealed to have been the beneficiary of over half a million dollars for his wife’s unsuccessful Senate race in Virginia. Money delivered by non other than Virginia governor (himself under FBI investigation) and long-time Clinton ally, Terry McAuliffe. McAuliffe gave Andrew McCabe’s wife, the funds for her campaign in very unusual circumstances.

Who knows where all that money went, and perhaps because she lost, he was promoted so quickly to number 3, and number 3 respectively (he had previously been head of the Washington DC field office). McCabe recused himself from any cases related with Virginian politics, but this obviously had to do with his wife’s public announcement that she was running for office, and not specifically about the source of her funding.

McCabe did not recuse himself from the Clinton related investigations. In another troubling revelation, DOJ assistant attorney general in charge of relations with congress, was revealed by Wikileaks to be very close to John Podesta and emailing the campaign warnings about DOJ moves relating to the investigation.

Revelations like these probably infuriated Comey and others in the FBI, and I think they realized, if they had not done so before, that they had been duped, and they wanted a chance for redemption.


Hillary, looking unraveled, demanded Comey release all these emails to the public. She did this knowing he can do no such thing.  It is also crazy they could finish their review in the few days left to the election, so in an attempt to fake sincerity, she asks for something that cannot be given.

Ironically, the people that could give us this information are Hillary and her staff. While the FBI does not release evidence like this in the middle of an investigation, nothing would stop Hillary and Abedin to release all the emails they kept from the FBI to the public. So there’s some irony there.

Ultimately, I believe the email issue, combined with the obvious corruption and obstruction of Justice, have revealed (mostly thanks to Wikileaks) a much larger and uglier issue, which is the actual content of the emails. It’s not just that Hillary handled her emails incorrectly, and then lied about them and then destroyed them, but the content itself of her emails is outright shocking and shows an empty, corrupt criminal candidate which the best movie scripts couldn’t dream up.

Watergate Comparison

Already there has been much reporting mentioning “biggest since Watergate”. It must be noted that from what we know so far, this is an absurd statement. Watergate was infinitely small compared to the combined revelations from the FBI and Wikileaks. There are hundreds of individual revelations which alone, more or less equal Watergate and many more that leave in the dust in terms of scope, criminality and ethics. For example, wikileaks and Project Veritas revelations have informed us that the Hillary Campaign, and the DNC coordinated with Robert Creamer and others (in what seems to illegal coordination that breaks campaign finance laws) in order to incite violence at Trump rallies.

Ok, that one alone you can compare to Watergate. Watergate was four or five dudes, breaking into an office… that’s it! A government office? No… just dirty campaign tactics, they broke into a DNC office to see what the political opponent (the Democrats) were up to. So ok, incite violence at opponent’s rally… maybe equal. Sure, perhaps not since breaking into an office was just to get some sort of intelligence and not violence, no one gets at least physically hurt.. but let’s give them the benefit of the doubt and say they are about equal, and under “dirty campaign tricks”. As is now famously known, the cover up was much bigger than the actual breakin, which historians now concede, Nixon neither ordered nor knew about (there is the famous tape recording that has him yelling “what asshole ordered this?” (or something to that effect, paraphrasing here). However, it does appear that Nixon and his administration tried to obstruct the investigation.

So simple break-in, which was not even remotely related to Nixon personally, and then an attempt to hinder that investigation, is the infamous Watergate and the stuff of legend. America had a high standard for the law back then, and even the President, could not get in the way of justice, even a little break-in to spy on your opponent’s strategy.

But this? Selling out your government’s foreign policy for contributions, uranium to the Russians, millions of dollars for access and play-to-play, living like billionaires on money (some) donors gave in good faith thinking they are going to the poor, being privately funded by Qatar and the Saudis while they fund ISIS and you back ISIS against friendly regimes… and on and on (no need nor capacity to repeat the thousands of revelations here) is a different ball game. The illegal private server was set up intentionally to hide these activities and the destruction of that evidence including the use of BleachBit (after a congressional subpoena has been issued) is as clear a case as obstruction of justice as is fathomable. When it comes to the handling of classified information, just like watergate, the cover up may be quite worse than the crime. But when it comes to the content of the emails, they contain and describe a bewildering number of crimes that leave Richard Nixon on his worse day, truly looking like a Boy Scout. There is no comparing this and Watergate, not in the breadth or scope of the crimes committed, not in their purpose or intent, and most importantly not in the standard of law and justice the DOJ, government and American people held people in high office.

More Predictions

Due to this fact, the federal mammoth train which the left has built, one which is virtually unstoppable once it starts rolling towards any specific citizen, has now set its mark on the Clintons. This bureaucratic train is unstoppable, especially when facing such a vast criminal enterprise as Clinton inc. There are hundreds of thousands of laws and regulations, federal and state, more that apply as a public servant and when running a charity. They have broken so many it’s hard to quantify, and the many lies themselves on all of these matters are obstruction of junction in their own right. I don’t believe they can escape unscathed, whoever wins the election.

And short of Obama, Hillary’s VP Tim Kein’s pardon (don’t think she could, would no have to, pardon herself), or even a pardon by a victorious and magnanimous Donald Trump, she (and her husband and staff) are facing very serious legal troubles, including potential jail time. Even then, presidential pardons don’t apply to state charges, and one would think the Clinton Foundation is not getting pardoned. It has hundreds of millions of dollars in assets and in revenue, and they are there for the taking. The entire Clinton inc has clearly been run as a criminal enterprise, and it’s easy to see that her insistence on a forbidden private (and insecure) email server under her protection was meant specifically from the beginning to avoid federal laws that would capture her communications.

While most statesmen welcome that record keeping, which not only keeps the communication systems secure from potential enemies, but also allows history in due time to judge them for their accomplishments, HRC wanted none of it. Neither national security nor legacy are her priorities, sheer ambition for the here and now and personal enrichment are. One quick read of the podesta emails leaves one dumbfounded on the lack principle, or care for the national interest. They are just tacticians (amateur at that) for votes up for sale.

Ultimately, this train will roll over the Abedin, Weiner, the foundation and the Clintons, and short of a pardon they will not be saved. This is because public pressure, and a GOP controlled house (and perhaps senate) will demand a special independent prosecutor, even if Clinton wins the election. The Clinton foundation must surely by now be a target by not only the FBI, but local agencies as well as the IRS. But this is all down the line, for the moment the question is on the election.

For the moment, the announcement will add wind to Trump’s sails, although logically it really shouldn’t. We already know HRC very well, and her shallow core as a candidate as well as her decades of corruption. Any fraction of the wikileaks revelations tell us thinks much worse than inappropriate handling of email. And Comey’s opinion (or his bosses’) on whether or not she should be prosecuted on that issue alone, should not be very important to voters. But voters being the way they are, many at least will believe by an FBI implication what they can’t believe with their own eyes. Authority carries much weight.

I also predict this is potentially bad enough that Obama will distance himself from Hillary. Unless he has something to protect himself from, he will judge this is beyond the pale, and will abandon the Clintons which he never liked anyways (especially not Hillary).

Will the FBI make an another announcement before the election? I don’t think so, they at least shouldn’t, since it would take much longer than the few days left to make any credibly exhaustive review of the new evidence. And Comey has stepped into the limelight this election already one too many times, but in this crazy 2016, who knows what is in store?! If Comey really is bravely leading a coup d’etat for justice with his merry band of straight-shooting FBI G-men against the corrupt and macabre powers that are the Obama administration and the DC establishment, then I wish him the best! He better bring it on too since the colossal entrenched interests will be lined up against him, and it will be hard for the FBI to take on their corrupt bosses at the DOJ. In that case, he should also lean on the GOP majority where the likes of Gowdy and Chaffetz will be all too happy to charge with him. If on the other hand, he is playing some sort of game, and is himself along with the DOJ leadership trying to drown out this investigation in-spite of his rank-and-file, then I feel sorry for the destruction of the honor of that fine institution and the additional blade ripping at the US constitution, that dying masterpiece of the rule of law and not by men.






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