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Incredible footage. This obviously would no thappen in the US where they would telvise his interrogation/interview from custody.

A while back, when his ally Beltran-Leyva was killed in a shootout, I wondered on the details, if he really chose to resist to the death, what someone in that situation would/could do.. You have a cell phone and millions of dollars, and only a few minutes to be able to save yourself. Call corrupt politicians to back the soliders down, call allies to bring armed men?

These are questions we almost never get an answer to. Here La Barbie, tell how Arturo did call him right away, and he told him he would not surrender. That he would fight, and told him to bring men to help. Somehting La Barbie says he did not (not nesesairly true of course).

Though people usually love to see the powerful fall, of any kind, its sad to see this. Perhaps well deserved and perhaps not, what is sure is that he played the game, succeeded until now, and now lost. His demeanor is consistent with that.


The declaration on camera is so strange, (he also does not seem to be beaten up too badly though its hard to tell and easy to hide), that I think there is already a deal here in place. In exchange for a full intelligence debreifing, full interrogatoin, plus these declarations on camera (he used to buy full page ads on the paper saying he was a legitimate businessman, and that the govt was persecuting him, and in these tapes he admits readily he was in the narco business), he will be extradited to the US.


In the US he faces a couple of minor advantages. First, the counts against him are much less, trafficking drugs in a couple of jurisdictions, but no murders, violent acts and another hosts of charges he faces in Mexico. Secondly, in the US with good lawyers, he could perhaps get much of the evidence such as his declarations on camera declared inadmissable much of the metholody in Mexico would be illegal here. Finally, if it comes down to life (or near life) terms, he probably would prefer an American jail than a Mexican one.


In previous years, cartel leaders preferred anything but extradiction to the US, as corruption and their money allowed them eventual freedom in their native countries, but now the war is far too vicious and high profile for that (at least for the leaders), and now the civil protections of the US seem preferable.


If he is indeed extradited, this would offer good evidence that such a deal was made. Otherwise, Mexico would have little reasont to give him up.


Interestingly, he refuses to give up info on the movie he had made about his life. Now, he has no more to not release it, that should be a very interesting watch. Being infamous, 37 years old, unlikely to get out of jail or at least much time out of jail ever, perhaps he should have down fighting… but this makes for more interesting news for sure.


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