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Early on in the west’s support of populist Islamism, I wrote about the Al-Qaeda groups being emboldened in the Islamic Maghreb.

NATO and AL Qeada fighting side by side


Today, Reuters is reporting that these same groups, in an uneasy Alliance with the Tuareg tribesmen whose region was destabilized by the NATO onslaught on Libya, are destroying (due to their non-Muslim origin) ancient historical sites in the legendary Timbuktu formally recognized as UNESCO sites. More of the same is happening across the “Arab Spring” countries.

Al Qaeda-linked Mali Islamists armed with Kalashnikovs and pick-axes destroyed centuries-old mausoleums of saints in the UNESCO-listed city of Timbuktu on Saturday in front of shocked locals, witnesses said.

The Islamist Ansar Dine group backs strict sharia, Islamic law, and considers the shrines of the local Sufi version of Islam to be idolatrous. Sufi shrines have also been attacked by hardline Salafists in Egypt and Libya in the past year.

The attack came just days after UNESCO placed Timbuktu on its list of heritage sites in danger and will recall the 2001 dynamiting by the Taliban of two 6th-century statues of Buddha carved into a cliff in Bamiyan in central Afghanistan.

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How lovely. Our enemies continue to advance under the protection of our political correct policies.


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