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The Last of the Giants has left us… he joins our fathers, may we make him proud as he looks over us from above… I will always remember with the greatest fondness how soundly I slept at night as child because not only did my father look over us as a family, but a Lion of Judah watched over all of Israel


Ynet is reporting that Israel’s 7th Prime Minister, and commander of the Lehi, Itzhak Shamir, has died at far too young age of 96.


Our last Great Prime Minister,  a man of short stature and giant character.. .who stood with a Stern gun against the British Empire, who stood alone in Lebanon against armed thugs earning Ariel Sharon’s respect… the leader of the Lehi, a soldier of Menachem Begin, a Prime Minister of Israel, a lion of Judah… a man who tried to stop our reckless rush to self destruction, a man of yiddishkeit, and for as long as I remember, my Captain. Hashem rewarded him with long life, hard earned triumph and family; but it was long enough.

The most sincere condolences to his family, we are ever lucky to have had such a leader.  He was the last of the greats ending with Ghandi, Raful and Begin…. they are sure taking off fast enough, I hope to Gd they are being born just as fast.
זה היה כבוד גדול שאתה המנהיג שלנו, אבל בבקשהאל תלך אלוף שמיר, אנחנו העברים עדיין זקוקים לך

It is no exaggeration to say that because of your strong hand and your brother Begin’s hand, Israel today is a reality. Lest us earn it, let us keep it. Let us be strong like
you were
We will Never forget you Mefaked!


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