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If these early reports turn out to be true…

Seuleiman Assassination Attempt


Then of course the most obvious culprits would be the Muslim Brotherhood. Seeing that Sulleiman was with every hour increasingly looking like at least an interim successor to Mubarak, they chose to take him out.


In other words, the world, and at least parts of the opposition, so long as Mubarak goes and there is that symbolic victory,

were looking like they would accept Sulleman as a successor. But Sulleman has continued to be extremely loyal to Mubarak,

is a key symbol of the regime as long time feared and powerful Intelligence chief, and in many ways, such a change would

leave the same regime intact in power and in some ways still be a victory for Mubarak. Sulleiman and his son Gamal, were

always seen as the top contenders anyway.


Suleiman also has the ability, strength, connections and know-how, to keep order and the Muslim Brotherhood down. By

eliminating him, the Muslim Brotherhood and others of the opposition stood to gain the most. There being no other such

obvious successor to the regime, something really new could take over. As I mentioned before, an Elbaradei for example,

which is easy pray to the Jihadists.


So this, if true, is a very interesting development, all the more interesting since it failed. Of course, there is always the

alternate conspiracy (among many others), which may come to mind more naturally to most people, that pro-Mubarak

forces or even Mubarak himself ordered Suleiman killed for very similar reasons… he seemed to be poised to take over.

This seems incredibly unlikely to me.


And finally, of course,there is the possibility nothing like this even happened, and it is part of the governments’ efforts to

stain the opposition as violent, anti-Egyptian, and extremist.


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