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Strange… One would think Obama’s foreign diplomacy of “reaching out”, appeasement, apologizing and overall messianic visions of peace and world wide celebrity status would have stopped Nidal Malik Hasan from shooting everyone at Fort Hood….

I guess muslims don’t like well intentioned environmentally friendly vegan liberal missiles landing on them any more than they do regular missiles. Weird, I guess not even if they are ordered by people of similar name.

I do know that Nidal Malik Hasan didn’t shoot any American under W Bush.

Who knows, maybe he just wasn’t looking forward to socialized medicine…

My condolences to the bereaved families, whose children and siblings were so honorably serving their country.

I hope some good may come of this as opposed to none, perhaps the revelation that the enemy should be defeated instead of enlisted as psychologists in our armies. Hatred of America does not belong in the US Army, nor does it in the White House.


One Response to Opposition to Obama’s War? No… America Unprotected? Can’t be.

  1. […] Firstly, little could be more absurd than forcefully drafting this population and other minorities, weather the cries of injustice and oppression from across the world, and then train and arm them. Even if it was possible to sucessfuly  draft any significant number of Arabs into the IDF without the most ruthless of measures, what could be more dangerous than training this population in combat, and giving them access to classified information and weapons. The Arab world could not be happier. Israel would have self destructed, and placed half a million spies, saboteurs, terrorists and insurgents within its own ranks AND be paying their salaries herself! The US does not have a draft, and most definitely does not draft Muslim men who compromise only  a tiny percent of its population and yet only recently learned of the dangers this would entail at the FT. Hood Shooting (reported earlier here). […]

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