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The Libyan rebels are claiming Motassin has been captured and is being held in Benghazi.

Hopefully, this is not so, as they claimed to have capture him yesterday, and retracted, and have constantly reported Qadaffi’s sons either captured or dead.

Especially during the battle for Tripoli, this caused Qadaffi forces, believing the sons were captured, to collapse, surrender or switch sides.

Something that points to the fact it may be a fabrication is that they had claimed Motassim was in Sirte before, and so that is the son they would claim was captured if they were making it up. This could be in the hopes that the last defenders of Sirt collapse.


However, on the other hand, the fact that he is being reported already in Ben Ghazi points to the fact it may be true, they have never claimed a prisoner in Bengazi when it was false… this along with a few other details, that he cut his hair short, was exhausted and caught trying to escape in a car with a family. This sort of details usually don’t accompany the front line false reports of captures. If this is the case, its bad news for Qadaffi, and who knows when, if ever Motassim will see daylight again.




Will write a note on it later… but doesn’t this Iran fiasco look very fishy? I am glad, as I wrote yesterday it brings closer the possibility of bombing Iran’s nukes, and for America, pushes it to secure its southern border… but it looks very fishy.


Iran trying to blow up embassies and restaurants in Washington DC seems a bit much. Then trying to do so by hiring a Mexican cartel seems very odd. Furthermore, a Cartel is extremely unlikely to try to commit terror acts in Washington DC, in the name of Islamic Iran that they harbor no natural solidarity with, that can bring about a giant retaliation from the US, for a measly 1.5 million dollars (with a mere 100k up front) when they are a multi billion dollar drug industry.

Details are sketchy, and of course, an individual IN a cartel may want to do so, but not the cartel itself.

This all ties in to the Saudi prince who was quote in the wikileaks as urging Iran to be bombed by the US. The overt 100K wire transfer to a US bank account is also very amateurish. I will elaborate later, but it certainly seems odd… as does the fact it seems to have dissapeared from the news as if nothing happened.

Who would set this up? Either Americans who want to have an excuse to either


A. prove their fear the insecure southern border is a a terror threat to homeland security (they actually want to stop the Mexican demographic invasion of the US and understandably so but that is not PC to say. Better to say, its a security risk.) or

B Want to bomb Iran or

C Both

or alternatively Saudi Arabia or even Israel could have set this up. More likely Saudi Arabia. Especially the very prince who was embarrased in the wikileaks and who Iran for sure is trying to kill (but abroad, no by blowing up a restaurant with 100 americans in DC).

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One response to “One of Qadaffi’s son captured?”

  1. Erik says:

    Funny, after the media confirmed the capture, and Yahoo had even made one ifs “Super Headlines” stating the capture as fact, just minutes ago, the Lybians have been retracting and saying there is no confirmation of Qadaffi’s son’s capture. As usual, staying ahead of media. The Yahoo super headline has just been taken down.

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