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Not surprisingly, and in spite of the great IDF achievement in this Gaza Operation, the worthless, predictable and election obsessed Olmert government was able to use its far reaching creativity to come up with a path to defeat.

The IDF was making this task rather difficult, having made Hamas eat many of their own words about the supposedly “impregnable” Gaza. Booby trapped, mined, the most concentrated urban place in the world with the highest per capita militant ratio anywhere, supposenly guarded by Hizbolla and Iranian funded, trained and equipped 25,000 strong Hamas “security forces”, the task long terrified senior Israeli authorities. Big words and threas from small people to scare even smaller ones.

The junor officers and soldiers knew better (I know from experience), let us at them and we will make short work of them.

In the end, it seems the only thing slowing the IDF’s advance is its great care to avoid civilian casualties. The hardest thing about dealing with the mighty Hamas has been disentangling them from the women and children they love to hide with.

And even now, with victory at hand, with the great world outcry and CNN attention span I predicted would simmer down if ignored, with the Hamas leadership hiding without cell phones (and many dead including one of the top three), out of the cabinet we get the announcement:

Worry not, we have figured out how to lose this one too. How to cheapen the sacrifice of the young men, how to humiliate the nation and ensure incentives for future attacks. Yes, other would-be enemies should tremble in fear, lest we throw at them this Cabinet creation more suited for an SNL punchline..


In a few hours, they will vote. Little has to be explaned about this concept. It is an oximoron. Desperately trying to end this second war Olmert started without knowing how to finish… the age old traditional way of ending them still alludes him… “Winning!”

The only things you can do unilaterally is Win or Lose. The rest takes two to tango.



In the original post comments, one can see my accurate prediction that Gilad would be returned only for 1000 freed terrorists.



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