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Obama pledges to end “cozy” links and oversight of oil companies??! He really is a hatefuly idiot.
What cozy what!? Is spilling oil all over the gulf legal now? Will he change that law?

Obama’s attack 

I depart from my more usual measured tone, because this is too much. These people simply drill, ship and process oil as responsably and carefully as they can, to earn money and they provide a giant and legal service to all of humanity which exists on their oil.

We all drive cars, and Barak Hussein flies his Air Force One all on Oil provided by these companies, without mentioning of course almost the entire modern economy from plasitcs to electricity.

Accidents can and do happen, when it comes to oil companies, they actually happen pretty rarely in retrospect. We don’t usually have massive oil spills in the Gulf.

But if we are going to have oil and gas in ths world, and cars and planes and plastics, then sometimes that will happen. And if we are not going to have those things, those things will also sometimes happen since oil often gushes from the earth’s vents into the ocean by natural processes (anyone who looks this up will be surprised at what huge amounts naturally leak daily into the ocean). Sometimes metores fly into the earth and kill everything (dinosaurs), sometimes Volcanos wipe out huge masses of the earth.

The point however is, that BP did not do anything negative purposefuly, and is actually stepping up and doing everything it can to stop it. So, far they have spent millions upon millions of dollars to stop the gushing oil with unprecedent large scale technologies that have so fared failed. They continue to try. They have also pledged to pay for their responsibilities under current laws.

Meanwhile Obama and friends have done NOTHING at all to stop it for days upon days, except blabber their mouth off, threaten and blame. They also want to break those laws to make BP pay more than it ought to. Obama thinks that by speaking out agsint the oil spill, he actually stops it. If Bush had done nothing with the huge Federal resources at his disposal to end this spill, by now the media would have crucified him as when it blamed him for the strong rain in New Orleans.

So now he takes this hateful tone against BP and any other private party that dares to try to make profit by providing services people want. The end result is the same as in all things he touches, more government control. Banks failed? Oh, we need to take them over. Car companies doing bad? Oh federlize them. Health Care is expensive, why of course, nationalize it. There was an oil spill!! By god who gave private companies the right to drill for and sell oil!? Kill them.

It is the private companies that created our cars, planes, gas from oil and how to extract it from the earth. It is them who invented health care so we don’t die at any given moment for any reason. IT is also private companies that invented how to stop oil spills, gushers and even how to clean them up. It is a private company that is heading the effort to do so now in the gulf. Obama’s government has invented nothing of what it takes over, it has invented nothing at all, not even the Communism that it spills forth from the once honorable White House; hes copied that too.

Cozy permits, right, links? Yes, obama thinks freedom is far too Cozy… why should people be allowed to pursue and even achieve their dreams.. often becoming millionaires by innovation and hard work while others who did nothing have nothing except access to the wonderful thngs the innovaters invented. He thinks thats far too cozy. He would like to end that cozy liberty and enslave us all into his world of mediocre bastardized regulation. There we could all be equal in misery… all except him of course, he would remain the leader and messiah.


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