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According to this administration, we are to believe that an assault on a US consulate and the murder of a US ambassador along with 3 State Department colleagues in a war-torn region (which the same administration helped to make war-torn) on the anniversary of 9/11, are things that “just happen”, cannot be predicted, avoided or defended against by any executive decision, any amount of security forces and regardless of any warnings, intelligence or policy;

but Hurricanes in the East Coast are caused by (the previous administration’s, ie Bush’s) lack of regulations and intrusive laws, excess of liberty, low taxes, and low EPA $8.5 billion dollar budgets.



The most glaring defiance of logic (or faith in the intelligence of the voters) is not the absurd game of what a sitting president is responsible for (not the protection of his staff, but the weather), but rather the time game on top of it. Obama IS president… so it is amazing that while he can remain blameless for what happened in Benghazi under his watch, the hurricane (Sandy) under his watch IS apparently a president’s fault, just not his, but the previous one’s.

A friendly media’s power is unmatchable. Once the Iraq War turned around due to the Bush Surge, the media turned to a hurricane. Hurricane Katrina was Bush’s undoing, he was blamed for everything from the hurricane itself and local state and city levies breaking (under a Democrat Governor and Democrat Mayor) to local New Orleans citizens murdering and raping each other. For Obama, Hurricane Sandy is a blessing before the election; it   is somehow a dire warning that if the voters elect the GOP mother nature will send us into oblivion.

If Obama is re-elected, she may also do so, but it will Bush’s fault.



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