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As usual, the intellectual giant of Newt Gingrich refused to be cowed by the typical left-wing accusations of racism and bigotry that usually send politicians screaming for cover.

Newt, aptly termed the failed US President Barak H Obama, the “Food Stamp President” since he unrivaled among the US Presidents in the ability to destroy jobs, economic growth, and push people into government dependency (such as food stamps).

Arguing against these facts would be difficult, but accusing Newt of being racist is much easier, and Newt weathered wave after wave of political backlash from his statements and has refused to back down. Understanding the logic behind the liberal argument, if he really even has one in mind, is difficult at best.

  1. Let us assume that most people on food stamps are black, which they are not.
  2. Then we assume that “Food Stamp” = Black which it also does not.
  3. Now, does this mean that Newt meant that Obama is a Black President? Which he is (at least half Black, though I think he prefers to ignore any white heritage he may have). And that would be insulting why? And that would be news to whom? And it needs to be coded why?
  4. Or does it mean that he is the President only of those on Food Stamps which we are pretending are only blacks, so did Newt mean that he is the president of the blacks?
  5. And if he is only their president, the same issue still begs the question, does he and they want to remain on food stamps? Of what use is he as their president if what he does for them is keep them on food stamps? Wouldn’t he want them to no longer be on food stamp and then no longer be the food stamp president?

Well… I give up… I am not sure what it all means in the parallel universe of the euphemism prone left winger, but I welcome anyone who knows to please enlighten me.

It seems to me its meaning is rather clear, the connotations are about poverty and government entitlement. Obama creates Food Stamp recipients instead of jobs. Obama encourages economic stagnation and poverty instead of prosperity, the decline of America rather than its future. Obama happens to be black, and it is no coincidence that the socialist and victim mentalities that Obama supports help keep inner city black communities in poverty as they do and would help any community stay in poverty, but is Newt supposed to realize these abstract racial connections and refrain from speaking his mind on economic issues instead of engaging in spirited and democratic debate (which attempts to no avail to look far past race)?

The liberal’s obsession with race is obvious to see and extremely ironic. It is the left that lives in large part by accusing the right of racism, it is one of its raison d’être… so obviously it is the left itself that is obsessed with race. Much like Communists are ironically obsessed with money and wealth, since their entire issue with the world is that some have more than others. People to whom money is not important, or people who are not jealous of others’ assets could never possibly be communists to begin with.

Thankfully, Obama is not the only black person in America, and a fellow black US citizen (though I believe of two black parents) who shares nothing else in common with the hapless president is Mr Herman Cain.

Former GOP candidate, a patriot, a wealthy businessman, and also not a man to shy away from speaking his mind (he famously said he would not employ Muslims in his administration) came to the aid of his fellow Georgian Newt Gingrich in his blog which I am happy to link to:

My friend Newt Gingrich did Chris Matthews of MSNBC a favor by going on his show Monday night. Since it was a slow news night, Matthews fell back on the usual left-wing boilerplate that claims everything Republicans say is some sort of secret racist code…

After continuing to explain Matthews’ ever pathetic position, he went to praise Newt’s response to the sudden attack on Live TV he was faced with:

Newt was having none of it, and that’s why I love Newt. He is not intimidated by a guy who hears racism even when there is none, and takes to the airwaves accusing anyone and everyone of perpetrating it.

He went on to add his own opinion on the matter:

But I’d like to say something as well to Chris Matthews, and to every other liberal who plays this game: You know whose thinking is racist? Yours!

….What is wrong with you? No one said anything about race. We’re talking about the destructiveness of nearly 50 years of social and economic policy that have failed to solve poverty and have left people living in squalor. We’re trying to have a serious discussion about fixing this nation’s problems.

The only reason you hear racial innuendo is that you’re obsessed with race. The only reason you think there’s a dog whistle is that you chase after racial controversy like a dog chases after a ball. Chris, and friends, get help to get over your racism! You’re the ones with the problem.

Mr. Cain was running a stunningly successful campaign in the supposedly racist GOP primaries, and was unfortunately forced to end his campaign due to a wave of unproven accusations. Here at the Lighthouse, we wrote several praising sections on him which were first impressions as he had been unknown to me previously (my original GOP rankings). We also predicted the same race obsessed leftist media would do everything its power to destroy him as they have done with other black conservatives or even conservative women (such as Sarah Palin). The left considers women and minorities their “property” and though they can love to hate white male conservatives, they cannot tolerate the existence of conservative viewpoints among others.

After quitting the race, Herman Cain continued to show his character and intelligence in supporting Newt Gingrich as opposed to establishment favorite Mitt Romney or another Tea Party favorite.

It is always good to note the existence of such men who continue to resist the forces of social, economic and moral decay sweeping over Western Civilization today (and emboldening the rise of her enemies).


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