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Only days ago, we had reported at length (in this article) about the important issues regarding the Tal Law, the Orthodox haredi Jews,  and the future of the national draft in the IDF.

Hours ago, Mofaz has pathetically led his demoralized Kadima faction out of the government as fumblingly as he joined it after only 70 days in the government, and after an embarrassing entrance where he had to explain why he had changed his mind about joining the coalition that he vowed never to join. He has changed his mind again.

He wishes to incite secular and Orthodox Jews against each other, in a desperate attempt to get himself elected.

The very beginning of our article introduced the political squabbling going on, and the hopelessly arbitrary way Shaul Mofaz conducts his politics. It is now clear, that Bibi’s decision to allow Kadim, led by Mofaz, into the government was a mistake just as the Lighthouse advised. It was not the biggest of mistakes, but it was the loss of a greater opportunity as I wrote, which now Bibi must face anyways (but from a now weaker position).

As the Lighthouse reported when Mofaz joined the government:

The common knowledge in Israel was that Mofaz got “played” by Bibi. It was Mofaz who looked like a power hungry flip-flopper content to be made a minister and afraid of elections. Meanwhile, Netanyahu looked like a sober leader, willing to work with any party who comes to the table, and a politically savvy Prime Minister that added stability to his government.

Though this may be true, I believe it was a mistake on the part of Netanyahu. It was the easier choice and the safer choice, but more boldness would have had Bibi hold out for an election, willing to stand by his record and principles, not afraid of it and not willing to pander power over to his opportunistic opponents. Though there was more risk in this course of action, Netanyahu would likely have seen himself with true stability, meaning the sitting at the head of a much larger Likud-led government and most importantly, a drastically decimated Kadima. Joining them to the government, breathes new life into both Shaul Mofaz and Kadima who now once again will dominate Headlines and policy.

Netanyahu now must face this election anyways, but scarred from this coalition fiasco. Instead of having faced it bravely of his own free will, he now looks like a politician who desperately tried to avoid it but failed. Mofaz of course comes out of this looking like the real fool, vowing to never join Bibi’s government, then doing so, and in less than 70 days of being in the government, quitting in a tantrum. Netanyahu does come out better (though still damaged) since he is the one that was willing to bring in Kadima to the government in the spirit of unity, and it is Mofaz that chose to quickly quit.

Regardless, it makes the entire coalition look like a bit of a mockery, and of course Kadima and the rest of the left will accuse Netanyahu of having “sold out” to the Orthodox. Mofaz, not knowing how to actually productively help Israel from within the government, and terrified of trying, is instead betting on “I tried, I even joined the government even though I did not want to, but there was just no working with them”.

To the left, a Jewish Prime Minister of Israel always “sells out” to the Jewish Orthodox unless he is bent on waging war against them until their complete destruction. A Prime Minister who respects them, and considers them part of the Israeli state along with other citizens is never good enough.

Mofaz and the left were simply unwilling to do what they promised was their intention when joning the government… to have a real in depth discussion of the issues at hand regarding the Tal Law, the draft in general and the IDF, and to come out with a pragmatic, just and equitable solution for the future. If they really do this, they themselves will be seen as “selling out to the Orthodox”.  They are not interested in the facts, in logical arguments, in possible alternatives acceptable to all; the left wants a strongly worded piece of legislation that has one purpose, not Israel’s best interest, not the needs of the IDF in order to secure the viability of the State, certainly not Jewish heritage and values, but to be a direct attack on the Orthodox Jews of Israel. They want the message to be clear, “You are not welcome here, and the only way you will be able to live in this country is by stopping your Orthodox ways”.

The left of course, has not yet realized Orthodox Jews are people with inalienable rights, since they do not blow things up. I have no doubt that when Tel-Aviv cafes are exploding due to Jewish Orthodox bombs (which will not happen of course), the leftists will discover all sorts of legitimate complaints and rights that Israel has been denying these “poor oppressed people”. Until then however, as long as they remain peaceful, they are not to be feared but simply destroyed.

The Opportunity

Netanyahu failed to grasp the opportunity earlier, but he has a chance to yet do so now. Mofaz and the left will undoubtedly hurl charges at him about “selling out” to the Orthodox. He must not pander to this, but rather the opposite and stop pandering to it completely. The bulk of Israel will not buy these arguments, they do not want squabbling between Jewish groups, they want a Zionist nationalist government that represents all Jewish people and their interests. The Orthodox parties tend to be in every coalition, left or right, since they have a narrow set of critical issues to bargain over. However, the truly Zionist right wing parties, secular and religious are chronically left out of the coalition. Those who love all Jews across the board the most, those that wish to fight Israel’s enemies instead of their brothers, those that represent the broadest set of interests and selfish personal financial gain are always left out in the cold…

These Jews value the free market, wish to stop government handouts for ALL groups, not picking and choosing, these Jews value Eretz Israel and wish to stop handing it over to our enemies. They believe in the dignity and right of all Jews to live according to their values, secular and Orthodox alike anywhere in Israel, not just Tel-Aviv. They wish for Israel to stand proudly by her friends and defiantly against her enemies.

They are members of small parties who are ignored by Israel as much as they embrace her. They rejoiced when Netanyahu was elected PimeMinister and would support him in all his endeavors if he but led them. First among them are MK Aryeh Eldad, Benny Elon, Yaa’kov Katz, Uri Ariel, Efi Eitam and Michael Ben-Ari among others.

Netanyahu can give real power to his capable, intelligent and loyal ministers, Benny Begin, and Moshe “Bogie” Ya’alon, and can have the National Union and other Zionist parties of the right join him and strengthen his coalition. Unlike many other smaller parties, they do not wish money allocations and backroom deals, they want a promise from the Prime Minister that he will not give Israel away, and they will break their back to make his government succeed. The only risk is the Ehud Barak threatening to quit, which is not certain anymore since he has split away from his more leftist labor faction friends already, and that would be no great loss in any event.

This would be a narrow majority government, but from top to bottom made of up of patriots. Netanyahu can seize this opportunity, and be able to deal with the real challenges facing Israel, from Iran to the economy. When he does so, the Israeli electorate will return these parties to power  by large margins next year. Of course, once again, it is the politically less “safe” choice, but this is the risk of greatness. To continue squabbling with corrupt politicians who are interested in inciting Israelis against each other by class warfare and religious strife, so that they may have their minister portfolios, bribes and back room deals, is not once again the right course of action.

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  1. Bibi came out of this stronger…. He basically destroyed the Kadima by showing that they are sellouts… next elections will prove this point.

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