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Israel’s government, lacking the political will to impose territorial consequences on our enemies who bombard us daily, has no response to the hundreds of missiles from Hamas in Gaza other than to whine loudly.

We whine to the world about how dangerous missiles are (not to mention kites and balloons) and how bad the people who send them are, and about our “right” to defend ourselves. And do nothing else. Not surprisingly I have even seen calls from people for Trump to send troops to help us!

Because it would seem understandable that a person would think that Israel simply cannot apparently defeat this formidable Hamas. It would not be obvious, and in fact quite surprising, to the casual observer, that Israel can easily defeat Hamas and simply chooses not to. Odd to know that the IDF’s orders are to do nothing, but watch the bombardment.

But that is the case. We certainly do not need US troops to stand next to us and also do nothing, and we don’t need US troops to defeat the gangs of thugs that shoot flying tin cans and kites at us. The IDF would make short work of them and quickly take Gaza if ordered to.

The problem is and has been the “and then what?” for Bibi Netenyahu, who always resists Gaza adventures as much as is possible. When public outrage can stand it no more, he sends in soldiers to the border, who are not allowed to advance, and sit there absorbing shelling and suffering some casualties.

But this is because Bibi understands that the public does not want to reoccupy Gaza, and so there is no point in that case to advance, only to get out again. But that is the mistake (the public’s and Bibi’s).

I have written at length over time about the Gaza situation, what has been done and what ought to have been done, and nothing has changed, it remains as relevant today:


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There are now rumors of our strong and capable Minister of Defense Avigdor Liberman – אביגדור ליברמן resigning, unable to put up with the government’s weakness. I hope it’s not so. We await his announcement, he may be forcing elections (since his successful support of Moshe Lion for mayor in Jerusalem convinced him of his popularity), and it may even be coordination with Bibi in order to get a more right wing government.

Only months ago we saw what strength could do, the victories that Lieberman and Bibi orchestrated against the Iranians in Syria were inspiring and long overdue! Israel’s image was boosted around the world and our self respect and self confidence raised (They even contributed to our victory at Eurovision!).

I can only imagine Mr. Lieberman’s resignation would make this government much weaker as he is a stiffening influence. He has also methodically worked on Israel’s strategical position, and greatly improved it… our work is far from done, regarding Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas and others. His frustration is completely understandable, but as long as Israelis are fooled into voting for the “fake right”, Israel’s security positions are identical to those that the extreme left parties such as Meretz and Labor would have.

And unfortunately, anyone who says anything that is actually different is termed an extremist lunatic and can get no support. No one in Israel has been able to “Trump” the media here and break the politically correct rules of the game.

While that remains the case, the IDF can win battles, but the politicians make sure we are playing by the Arabs’ rules, and the war is ultimately theirs.


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